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She'd do anything to find her daughter - even make a bargain with a beast.

Leia wants nothing to do with the aliens who invaded Earth. They're powerful, dangerous creatures who are a threat to every surviving human, especially women like her.

When alien raiders take her daughter, she's left with only one chance to see her again. Find one of the aliens and offer him a deal. 

She never expected the beast she found would be the new Overseer's personal bodyguard. And she never imagined what would happen when she agreed to be claimed by an alien warrior named Var...

He came to this planet as a conqueror - only to find a female who brought him to his knees.

Var's orders were simple. Deal with a rogue warrior and protect the inhabitants of a human village. Then she ran into view...

Leia isn't like any female he's ever seen. She defies and confounds him, but there's no mistaking what she is… his.

This series contains hot, growly aliens on a mission to find their mates - and a group of women determined to free their planet... and themselves. 

April 27
Three Owls Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

chyna57 ,


I have read sci-fi,alien,paranormal romances for years and this is the first book of a series that captured me so thoroughly that I could not put the book down! The characters are well thought out*** strong females,strong males , struggles,loving ,serious well learned survival skills. And the knowledge that everyone has feelings both good and bad. I know I’m being vague but I would not want to cheat anyone from a good read🧐🧐🧐. Besides I am looking forward to book 2. Lol

vtHAD ,

Redefining words and concepts, not good

Usually love this author. Not sure about this series. The big issues for me is the author has no idea truth about the social sexual higharchy (sp?) . First, Alpha is a man with natural leadership abilities, loves to take on responsibility, inclined to be unfaithful. There is more, of course, point of mentioning it, she has labeled ALL man as alpha, that wouldn’t work at all and is not true to behavior. She names mateable women as omega’s, omegas as basically the men you meet who need to be told to take a shower, comb their hair and change their clothes, otherwise repulsive to women. Women are not in the SSH, it is how men identify to each other, understanding it helps them and others, in how to properly relate to each type successfully and with out drama. So labeling the desirable women as omegas is off putting and comes across as gross. Really wish she has looked into this before publishing.
Also, this intro series book is under 100 pages, so very light reading to introduce a new universe, it appears to start mid story in the thick of it, little details of how you get to this point. So a bit disappointing. And too much on the explicit sex, it is off putting.

Contessajj ,

Sci-fi, fated mates, and a new “world”

Drawn in from the very first sentence, I saw myself and all of the strong women I know in Leia. When these aliens think earth women will be subservient and obedient they have another thing coming. Var is one scary MF but he proves to Leia that not all of the Tolath are like the original aliens that invaded Earth, who sent omegas into hiding afraid for their lives.

This new “world” is set up in glimpses. First the village where Leia is found by Var. Var and his air bike. The Citadel where The Lord Overseer Tane and Var live. And because we’re not force fed the facts of the changes that have taken place the story flows well. I call it the “movie effect”, I can see the action in my mind. Oh, and there are just enough sexy times to spice up the tale. I won’t call it romance exactly because it is more like instinct taking over.

This is a great start to a new series, sexy sci-fi at it’s best. Can’t wait for Rath!

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