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The RIGHT vegan diet plus the RIGHT bodybuilding regime EQUALS rock-hard quality muscle. There is absolutely no reason at all for a vegan diet to restrict anyone in the slightest when it comes to packing on muscle. This Book is your guide.

This is a full 2 week training and diet manual that you simply follow and repeat. It is varied enough for you to keep using forever and to easy manipulate to keep your muscles growing.
The book contains:
1) 27 Chapters jammed full of training regimes
and dietary plans.
2) 2 x weeks of High-Impact Vegan Breakfast,
Lunch and Dinners including protein shakes.
3) 2 x weeks of Science-based workouts to elicit
maximum growth in minimum time.
4) Varied workouts including upper, lower body to
specific body part training, all to continually
keep the body growing.
5) Laid out simply for at-a-glance if you're on the
go at the gym or training at home.
This book includes SECRET TIPS to raise Testosterone naturally which will aid fat loss and muscle retention.
I keep things simple - no B.S rubbish about doing LESS training and eating LESS and how there is some SECRET holding you back. How did the bodybuilders in the 60's and 70's look so great? Training frequency and nutrition. How and what - that's the only secret. But you've probably been doing some of the things right but not all - that's where this book can help you.
I focus on 3 muscle-building cornerstones:
--Training Frequency
Don't worry you don't need to follow months of weird training routines - mine is two weeks - and repeat. An upper/lower week and a precision week. Muscles are shocked into growth. I lay out all the routines out simply and easily 'at-a-glance'.
Through the intensity of the workouts and the nutritional plan we are going to reduce your body fat. Why? Your Testosterone is utilized at it's best when you have a lower body fat percentage.
Nutrition is considered the most important part of building muscle and eating the correct Vegan Nutrition is vital. If the nutrition is incorrect then it doesn't matter how impeccable your training routines are, you will not progress. I'm sure you have an idea about nutrition, but I'm here to give your knowledge a little boast.
I also go into the tips for maximizing size including what supplements to use and when. I also go into tips for maximizing training intensity - Supersets and TUT.
Imagine you in a 3 months time and people complimenting you on how you look?

Pack on serious muscle with an explosive scientific-based muscle building program twinned with a high protein Vegan Diet Plan. No more wasted workouts - check out this 27 chapter workout training guide and get building size!

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July 2
M Laurence
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