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The story continues:

Eli is more determined than ever to find a way to break Lucifer’s hold over Ashley. When he spots her across a bloody battlefield, he can only steal a moment alone with his mate.

Ashley feels herself surrendering to her darker side. When she learns of a child that may be her salvation, she bargains a short reprieve from Lucifer in order to get the information to Eli.

Will Eli be able to find the elusive key to unlock her freedom, or will Hell prove too powerful for both of them?

June 20
Valerie Twombly
Valerie Twombly

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Nicbooks ,


Having read almost everything that this author has written, I think this is the best plotted and developed story yet. I know, I said her last book was the best written, but this just might top it in development. In true Twombly fashion, we get a crazy plot, a dynamic cast, and desire for more. If you haven't started this series yet and you love paranormal romance, angel stories with a twist, or just reading in general, try the Eternally Mated series. This is not a stand-alone story. You have to read Fall Into Darkness first to understand the plot, and there isn't any summarizing or rehasing of the first book.
This is really Ashley's story as she comes in to her own. She's not just the freak with the ability to see people die anymore. She's learning her heritage and what abilities she has that need tamed. She's sassy, headstrong, and has grown a lot since being the girl running to Alaska to hide from the world. I admire her and how she's taken it all in stride. There are some really amazing moments that will have you shouting "YES, THAT'S AWESOME."
Eli really wants to be with Ashley and to end her contract with Lucifer, but every solution is coming up a dead end. And as the plot unfolds, they realize that her contract isn't really the big problem here. He's still as handsome and swoon-worthy as ever.
There was a lot to love about the story. The secondary characters really rounded things out. The hellhound was amusing, there is a demon that is interesting, and Grandma is located. While the end wraps up this storyline, it teases you to what is coming. Set aside a few hours and dive through this series. You won't regret it.
I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review, but that doesn't change my opinion.

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