Veils and Vows Complete Series Romance Collection (Books 0-6‪)‬

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Read a Veils and Vows book and need more? Treat yourself to this timeless collection of small town marriage of convenience romances! Accidental marriages, marriage pledges, fake engagements, surprise weddings, secret marriages, modern mail order brides and much more await in the small mountain town of Blueberry Springs.

Included in this complete set of Veils and Vows books are:

Prequel: The Promise

When worlds collide.

Will this race car driver and debutante be able to hold on to their love when reality comes knocking?

Book 1: The Surprise Wedding

Sometimes exes come in handy.

A fake engagement and business deal bring Devon and Olivia back together for a second chance. But will they have to fake their affection, or will they pick up where they left off?

Book 2: A Pinch of Commitment

When falling in love isn’t part of the contract.

Ethan promises to marry his childhood friend and go through the motions of a fake marriage. All’s well until things begin to feel less than fake.

Book 3: The Wedding Plan

Falling in love wasn't part of the plan.

They've promised their past mistakes won't impact their secret wedding plan.

They’ve promised not to kiss…not to fall in love.

The problem is, both Luke and Emma harbor enough secrets to destroy even the best laid wedding plans.

Book 4: Accidentally Married

Accidents happen. So does marriage.

Jill and Burke don’t recall getting married, but there’s a marriage certificate on file that has them and their business assets linked. Can these accidental “newlyweds” find a way to band together and strengthen their companies or will they miss out on the happily ever after fate may have tossed their way?

Book 5: The Marriage Pledge

Sometimes platonic friends make the best spouses.

Can these two friends withstand the pressures of baby-making as their minds begin to turn down avenues that are anything but platonic? And what will Amy do when she does the unthinkable and begins to fall for her husband of convenience?

Book 6: Mail Order Soulmate

Something borrowed, something (baby) blue…

Zach, a former international agent, orders everything from socks to groceries online. Including—after a spontaneous click of his mouse—his new bride. But when Catherine arrives on his step with a baby in her arms and a scared look in her eyes he's not sure if it's the situation or her past causing the fear. All he knows is that he's the man who can protect this small family.

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February 12
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Oram Productions

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