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How to Start & Scale Your Vending Business From $0 to Passive Income - Comprehensive Guide with Case Studies, Best Machines to Buy, Location Negotiation & More!

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Did you know that 64% of Americans are now living "paycheck to paycheck"?

That's what a study by "Lending Club" found in May of 2022.

Are you part of that 64%? Or perhaps you're part of the 70% who confessed to low job satisfaction?

If that's you, it's time to change something.

Owning and operating vending machines changed my life. Before I found this opportunity, I was a stressed and underpaid warehouse manager - yet now, in just a couple of years, I've built my vending machine business to over 80 machines & thousands of dollars per month in profit. 

Perhaps you've already attempted to make it work, but encountered common issues like location managers rejecting and dismissing your offers, or not being able to agree fair terms with them? Maybe you've faced issues with your vending machines breaking, or not knowing how to fix common maintenance problems.

As a beginner vending machine owner, there are many barricades that can stop you from reaching your goals and ambitions. But, with guidance from my book, you will learn from the myriad of mistakes I made on my VM journey - so that you can ultimately achieve success in this profoundly overlooked business.

Here's an insight into what you'll know when you buy this book:

·     The best and most reliable vending machine that money can buy...- Page 52

·     How to land multiple vending routes in one deal, even as a complete beginner

·     The #1 website to buy used Vending Machines - Page 47

·     Complete revenue, cost & margin breakdowns of different vending products

·     Understand all the different ways you can structure your business (LLC, S-Corp, etc.)

·     4 mistakes most vending machines owners make - Page 129

·     Our predictions for the future of the vending machine industry

·     Complete insights into "Sales Tax" percentages in every state

·     A full glossary of important industry terms (Lexan, Kickplate, Dolly, etc.) - Page 37

·     How to structure a profit share agreement, that works in your favour = no more fixed costs.

·     Discover how you can sell your vending business or vending route - Page 175

·     The #1 credit-card reader to install on your machines - Page 143

·     And much more!

*Bonus* - Each purchase includes a FREE downloadable Vending Machine Route Contract so that you can quickly get pen to paper, and stop relying on dangerous "handshake deals" for your vending machine locations.

So, regardless of whether you've already began your vending journey or whether you're brand new to the industry - with the proven direction and guidance offered to you in this up-to-date 2022 book - you too, will understand exactly how powerful and life-changing this business model can be.

If you're ready to leave the "paycheck to paycheck lifestyle" in the past, add rocket fuel to your income and create a business that offers you freedom, time with your family, and the life you always desired, then...

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June 28
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