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Even though memories may be altered, a heart can never forget its true love.

Peace has come to Calisted under Illyria’s new reign as Queen. Volunteers return to Earth to help its people begin to rebuild. With her new husband at her side, Illyria has many things to celebrate and yet she worries that this time of peace is only fleeting.

Dreams of a man with piercing sapphire blue eyes haunt Illyria nightly and she can’t shake the feeling that she knows this stranger, or worse...that he knows her too.

When an attack on the palace leaves her imprisoned on a distant planet, Illyria must discover a strength within herself to survive, but she’s not fighting just for herself any more. This time mercy is not an option. All Illyria cares about is vengeance.

Fiction & Literature
April 29
Amy Miles
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Blahblah100 ,

Excellent but left me wanting more

I loved this book but I admit I was sad from the very beginning. To see that Bastine was willing to let Illyria go broke my heart!! I know it broke his just as much, but he was always hers. She was always his. I did love how fate was still there throughout the series, and that she ended up in Bastines arms like she always should have been. I was confused on the whole timeline thing, although I know some of it was necessary to show that time and fate can be altered. I really really really think there is room for several more books here. Illyria and Bastines story of getting to be together can finally be told, sariana's vision of Illyria having many more children can certainly be explored and expanded on. Illyria ruling in a different form of fate can without having to marry the king and kill him to save everything can be explored. There really is room for this series to continue on, I would say at least 4-5 books. I've read series where they have 10+ books. I hope to see that out of this. The reason is because these books were so well written in my opinion, and I never lost interest, I think there is just an infinite amount of story left. And I know I would never get bored! Please keep writing and continue this series!!!

So sad but addicted ,


I love this book!!!!!! It had twists and turning, making u wonder then discover!!!! I loved everything about except the ending, I was hoping of a better happily ever after ending. I was so glad when she got her memory back, (she sounded pretty dumb without it) Can't wait tell the author writes a new book!! :D

luvlylady ,


Honestly I really enjoyed this series but the ending of this book was such a let down. If kind of ruined it for me. Basically nothing after the first book even mattered. This book was super confusing and random even without the bad ending. I don't know. Could've been much better.

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