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Talking In Bed Is Caressing Your Lover With Words. 

Entice. Excite. Enchant. Don’t be captive to silence.  

Free your tongue, the zest will follow.

Learn noted sex therapist Dr. Hannah Horbeth’s techniques for creating a more emotionally rich, intimate, erotic experience with your partner: 

•   Creative ways for shy women to ease into erotic talk.

•  Words and phrases that create an erotic feedback loop.  

•  The art of sensual listening.

•  The one must-use line ALL women should use.

•  How to come up with things to say that are meaningful and authentic to you.

•  Vocal techniques to say it in a sexy voice.

Learn How To Talk Dirty To Your Man.

A lot of things stop you from being verbally expressive in bed: 

You’re not that type of girl…

The fear of being branded a slut…

Of being judged for being so forward…

For acting against your own self-image…

Whether you’re a demure twenty-something, a sophisticated career woman, or a sweet-natured mother of two, talking dirty can seem off-target, like it’s meant for another type of woman.  But with Dr. Horbeth’s short guide to erotic talk you’ll learn that isn’t true at all.

Talking Dirty Is Like Trying On A New Outfit.

Just like wearing a corporate suit doesn’t make you a stuffed shirt, talking dirty doesn’t make you a tramp. Talking sexy can be a reflection of who you are or who you never let out. Dr. Horbeth shows you how to give yourself permission for a wardrobe change.  She starts with…

Creative Ways For Shy Women To Ease Into Erotic Talk.

Here are just a couple of suggestions from Dr. Horbeth’s guide: “A great way to ease into the process is to practice on the phone when you’re out of town.  Some women find it easier because there’s no eye contact and the distance provides an emotional buffer.  Another good way to get comfortable with naughty words is to play a word game I call Naughtirati.  Your partner draws naughty words on your naked back and you guess what they are.”

Words And Phrases That Create An Erotic Feedback Loop.

Erotic talking gives voice to our innermost desires in ways that our bodies can’t.  It creates energy not just by the physical vibration or your emotional intent, but by prompting your partner to respond.  Energy feeds on energy.  Every word you say builds a step your partner climbs up on.  And everything he says builds a step for you to rise.  Keep climbing.  Heat rises.  Sometimes words get in the way but other times they pave the way. Find out how to use certain words and phrases proven to create this kind of Erotic Feedback Loop.

The One Must-Use Line ALL Women Should Use.

Every survey that asks men what they like to hear their partners say in bed puts this phrase at the top of the charts.  Find out what it is on page 22.

How To Come Up With Things To Say That Are Meaningful And Authentic To You.

If you think you’ve got to come up with something flowery, stop. Back up. Dr. Horbeth’s first rule of Tabasco Talk is simple:  No poetry.  Any word with more than two syllables is a word with too many syllables. Relieve yourself of the pressure to come up with something clever and concentrate on Dr. Horbeth’s techniques for coming up with things that are authentic to your feelings.  

Vocal Techniques To Say It In A Sexy Voice.

The quality of your voice is as important as the content of your words.  With the right voice you can turn men on by reciting the alphabet.  But what exactly are the qualities of a sexy voice and how can you bring it forth and put your own personal stamp on it?

Follow Dr. Horbeth’s advice and you’ll be able to re-create that “post-coital voice” in the bedroom that men think is a total turn-on. 

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