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After fifteen years in prison, your fears follow you out. 

Now ex-con Sam Shaw must face his worst fear or be eaten alive. 

Paroled for five months, Sam maintains a low income apartment in the Bronx. The building is his life now. He's proud of his home, the source of his meager livelihood.

Beneath the streets, a new breed of rat has moved in. These rats are bigger, smarter, and they hunger for living flesh... preferably human. Soon, mysterious disappearances begin and a familiar fear awakens in Sam.

When his estranged son Bradley arrives for an extended visit, Sam adds one more fear to his plate: fear of being a dad.

Sam knows when he’s met his match and enlists the help of crew of rat experts. What he doesn’t anticipate is being brought along for the ride. After all, it’s his home he’s defending. He’s forced to face his fears or risk an unpleasant death for himself, his son and possibly everyone in the building.

Try Vermin 2.0, because who doesn't enjoy immersing themselves in a page-turning tale of man versus beast.

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Praise for Vermin 2.0:

"Vermin 2.0 is a gruesome horror. What would happen if rats were able to think and plan? That is what appears to happen in this old apartment building where the main character, Sam Shaw, is the superintendent. The characters are well developed. They are all colorful and entertaining in their own way. The author makes this into a great story as the characters are introduced to the reader and interact with each other and the rats. Don't get too attached to any of them. The focus of the book is very bad rats. This is also Sam Shaw's worst nightmare. This is his story. A real page turner."

"If you're looking for something a little apocalyptic for your next read, but without fantasy monsters, check out Vermin 2.0. From the first chapter on, you'll quickly agree that rats deliver more horror than zombies and killer clowns ever could. Rats are the ancient enemies of mankind, no matter how cute the white ones look in pet stores. Lee Gabel has given us a new star in the rodent-related horror universe! Is there going to be a sequel?"

"Let me start by saying, as a child, I loved Willard, Food of the Gods, Rats, Night of Terror and the really cheesy Graveyard Shift, so I may be somewhat biased when I say I love this freaking book. Lee Gabel has taken some of the most cherished horror films from my childhood and written a novel in the same vein. Hero, who's afraid of rats, check.....Rats that have some real teeth, um, bite, check. Do yourself a favor. If you liked any of those movies, or just plain like good old fashioned nature run amok stories BUY THIS BOOK. You will love it."

"For starters this book was well written and flowed easy. The characters were well defined and the surroundings were well described. Now with those details out of the way, this book kept me on pins and needles. There were times my skin crawled and creeped me out but I could not put the book down. This book is one of the best books that I have read in a long time that actually kept my attention and freaked me out all at the same time. This is a 5 star book.."

"Was expecting a rip off from James Herbert's the rats trilogy but got a unexpected delightful little book. Estranged father and son spend the summer holidays together and things don't go well at first. But thankfully an invasion of rats naturally brings them together along with a rat expert and 2 eccentric exterminators. Can they stop the rats? Read and see. Nice gore and rat attacks."

"This book was an awesome read. I couldn't put it down, even when it creeped me out a few times. These rats are scary. I hope [Lee] writes another 'rat tale.' I will definitely want to read it."

"I really liked this book. I don't know why I was fascinated by rats but I was. The story was great, the writing was great and anyone who reads this story will enjoy it."

"I really enjoy Gabel's attention to facts and details in his writing. I feel like I haven't just read a piece of fiction, but have also learned something. Gabel's characters are distinct and well-rounded and help draw you into the action. This one will certainly make you think twice about the critters in your neighbourhood!"

"OMG! *** Warning very descriptive*** With that said I have nothing but praise for Mr. Gabel and am anxious to read more of his awesome work."

"I thoroughly enjoyed it, the rats are viciously nasty killing machines you would not want to meet."

About the Author

Since 1992, Lee has worked within the visual and dramatic arts landscape as a graphic designer, illustrator, visual effects artist, animator, screenwriter and author. He's contributed to an Emmy award and once walked 63.5 kilometers in 13 hours. Traditionally trained as a screenwriter, Lee has moved to writing books in order to share his stories.

Lee has spent most of his life living on an island in the Pacific Northwest and he writes in multiple genres that interest him. Why? In his own words: “Writing is magic. I’ll never understand how it works the way it does, but I do know if I put energy into writing, it rewards me in strange and wonderful ways. Even if I know where I’m going in a story, often I’ll end up being pulled in directions by my characters that I least expect. What ends up on the page never ceases to surprise me, and that’s super cool. Writing continues to be one of the most difficult and most rewarding aspects of my life.”

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