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San Francisco is going to burn if the coveted princess of California’s criminal underworld isn’t returned to her family in one piece … 

Avery Capulet is missing.

Taken by a madman. Kept in the dark.

She might not survive.

He’ll use her body. Destroy her mind. All before he ever lays a hand on her.

Rome Montague is a drug dealer. A criminal. A thief.

And he needs the secrets Avery and her family are keeping – even if it means cutting them out of her pretty Capulet flesh.

Rome Montague is missing – but nobody will miss him.

Not that it matters; After the things he’s done to this girl, he doesn’t deserve to be found.

* * * * * * *

Prepare to step into the dark and bloody underworld of California. Vicious Prince, set in the criminal underbelly of San Francisco, follows two warring families who are ruled by blood, power and twisted desire.

This book was formerly titled Verona Blood.

May 30
Lili St. Germain
LSG Publishing Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

VL1979 ,

Must Read

This was a crazy insane read that I couldn’t put down. Avery loves Will but is promised too another, which you know will not end well. Then their is Rome who once upon a time loved Avery and is now dragged into the situation. I’m dying to know who is behind everything that is happening to Avery. Like I really need answers soon lol. I want say too much because I hate spoilers. This is an insane, dark twisted read that will blow your mind. Fingers crossed we get more really really soon.

Tink27 ,

A captivatingly twisted tale!

I am sitting here in awe digesting this book that I just devoured!!!!
The dark intensity of this story is gripping and I just could not put it down. This modern take on Romeo and Juliette is brilliant.
Lili has brought her dark and twisted ways to bring you into Avery's world being forced to marry one man while being in love with another. Her family so powerful and full of tragedy and obligation. What will she do and what dark secrets will she discover??
Rome is our troubled one is he good or bad or somewhere in-between, the hate between the Capulets and Montaques has been his undoing. But when they get thrown together unexpectedly what will happen?
This will keep you so riveted you won't be able to put it down.....I am in dire need of the next book!!!!! LIKE ASAP!!!! Lili this is your fault if we all hound for the next one!! If you did not write such sexy, amazing characters and make us fall either in love or hate with them and become oh so slightly obsessed then we would not have to hound and stalk you ;)

Kahea46/Books n Wine Blog ,

This is definitely MY kind of cray cray!

***5 “You Wanna Die With Me?” Stars***

That cover was the bait and when I looked deeper and saw that this was going to be a retelling of Romeo and Juliet I was all “Done. Just. Done. I NEED this book NOW.”

And let me tell you that this one hit all of my happy buttons, which is a little odd for me to say since they are the dark ones and happy and dark don’t always go together..but I digress so let’s get back on track...This baby is dark, gritty, crazy, twisted, smexy and bloody and I FLoved it.

I loved Avery. This woman is so much more than I expected. She’s sassy, strong and though she may have to put on a facade for the outside world, she can hold her own when necessary. Rome is as stubborn as they come and can be a a$&h@t when needed, or just because he can. The cards he’s been dealt haven’t been favorable, but he isn’t about to let anyone, or anything deter him. As for Avery and Rome’s relationship. There is a lot of history, and there are ties that bind them together when they like it or not, but as of the end of this chapter in their journey, things are just getting started.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this retelling. I can admit I had an idea of what could be in my head, but the reality is nowhere near anything I conjured up and waaayyy better. So, for those who are checking this book out: Verona Blood is very loosely based on Romeo and Juliet. Very. Loosley .Based. It’s also all kinds of dark and cray cray and the triggers are numerous, so reader beware.

This is actually the first book by the author I’ve read and I devoured it. The writing was engaging, the pacing was good and I really enjoyed the multiple 1st person POV’s. The supporting cast of characters are quite interesting. Two or three of them have peaked my interest. So even though I’m wishing that the next book was on my Kindle now to find out what crazy will be going down between Avery and Rome, another part of me wants it so I can hopefully get a little more time with those other characters as well.

So, Imma be crossing my toes that the next book comes out sooner rather than later.

~ Copy provided via InkSlinger PR & voluntarily reviewed ~

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