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She dreams of a future far out of reach. He’s stuck in limbo, looking for answers. Will a trip through time be a dream come true or their worst nightmare?

Finding herself in the future is Beatrice’s wildest dream come true, until it shatters her long-held illusions.


Beatrice Thomas lives a simple life on an isolated mountain homestead in 1879, Colorado, but she longs to experience the world past the rugged peaks and lonely months that her life has become. Unfortunately for her, that requires a miracle.


Chase’s life of adventure in the spotlight has taken an abrupt detour. Now he’s stuck, trapped in the unknown.


Chase Bennett’s life is on hold while he searches for his missing brother. When he stumbles upon a woman who’s looking for answers or her own, she provides a distraction he doesn’t need.


As their friendship grows, Beatrice is bewildered by the fast pace of the modern world. The adventure she longed for may be more than she can handle. 


Torn between the past and the promise of a better future, can Beatrice and Chase move forward and grasp the vestige of courage buried deep within?


If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you'll love Sara Blackard's unique time travel series.


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June 2
Sara Blackard
Sara Blackard

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61655 ,

A wonderful conclusion to the series!

Imagine being attacked and almost killed only to wake up 150 years later with one killer headache! A totally different world is waiting for Beatrice when she wakes up. Fortunately for her, there are some memories left by her loving family. Making new friends, she also brings them closure about Hunter, her brother in law. However, far from a life in the mountains, where there was minimal interaction with the outside world, she now finds herself confronted with external forces that she cannot control.
How could she ever have thought her quiet life could be improved upon?

God is with you. He brought you here, Beatrice. He knows you can handle anything this time and place has to throw at you. - Verne.

From time travel to panic attacks and kidnapping, this third book in the series is not to be missed. It gives you a most satisfying conclusion while introducing you to a whole new set of wonderful characters.

I received this copy via BookFunnel and the author. All comments and impressions are my own and were in no way solicited.

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