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Falling in love will only leave you vexed.

Recent high school graduate, Athena Vale might seem bubbly and uncomplicated, but she has big plans and even bigger dreams, she’s only ever shared with her best friend, Karina. Athena’s strict upbringing has left her curious about taking a walk on the wild side—just once. And she knows exactly who she wants to go wild with.

President of the Iron Bulls MC, Reed “Romeo” Crownover has no shortage of women willing to entertain him. But these days, there’s only one girl on his mind —Athena. When she shows up at his clubhouse on the night of her eighteenth birthday, he decides it’s time to work her out of his system.

But one night turns into two, two turns into three, and soon the no-strings fun turns into something more passionate than either of them expected. An intense romance neither of them have ever experienced or knew they wanted.

She’s half his age.

He doesn’t fit in her world.

She’s leaving for Los Angeles to start a new life in a few days.

Their connection was vexed from the start.

Vexed is the fourth novella in the Iron Bulls MC series. Although Romeo and Athena make brief appearances in the first three books, Vexed can be read as a stand-alone. It is approximately 42,000 words in length. It does not end on a cliffhanger.

April 4
Ahead of the Pack LLC

Customer Reviews

RenoTSS86 ,

A Romeo in his own unique way

Oh Romeo Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo? Well in this book he is in the Iron Bulls MC clubhouse, and he's the president. As the president, he usually gets what he wants, no questions asked. And he's decided that he wants Athena, once she turns 18. And once she does, he's not holding back. However, Athena has plans. And those plans don't include hanging around in the town she grew up in. However, as she gets ready to follow her dreams, she can't help but think that maybe she is making a big mistake.

These two are HOT. I feel like I say that about every couple that Phoenyx writes about, but its true. Romeo is seriously what every girl dreams of for her first time (or maybe that was just me???). He is a rough, filthy talking hard biker, but in the bedroom he is dominant and still has a filthy mouth but caring at the same time. He was a complete jerk in the first three books, but you see an entirely different side of him in this book. I felt like this couple was different from the first three books, in that they let their emotions show some more and didn't start a relationship based purely on the physical (though they still got very physical).

I hope Phoenyx continues this series, because I would love to see more of Romeo and Athena!

readingismyjam ,


Quick read, good story.

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