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He’s a hockey star with a headboard full of notches. She’s a shy NHL concession worker who’s never been kissed. 


They don’t call me Belinda Boring for nothing. It’s my name, after all. And for a 23-year-old with plain brown hair who still lives at home and gets tongue tied over nothing, it’s a fitting one. I’m not even one of those quiet girls with a hidden talent, unless making a mean order of nachos at the NHL arena I work at counts. My life consists of working, reading and harboring a secret crush on a hockey player who doesn’t know I exist. At least, until we accidentally meet and become unlikely friends.


I’m living the dream. A poor kid who worked his way into the NHL, I’ll never forget where I came from, though I try to. My past follows me, a nagging reminder that I’ll never be what everyone thinks I am. As the threat of my secret being exposed looms closer, my game slips, leaving me in danger of being cut from my team--the only family I have. I’m losing my hold on everything when a new friend helps me find hope. She’s nothing like the women I’m used to, but by the time I figure out that’s exactly why she’s right for me, I’ve lost my chance with her. Somehow, I have to convince a woman who thinks she’s invisible that she’s the only one I see. 

July 16
Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Brenda Bowen

Customer Reviews

Omahanut ,


Quick, cute read. Moves fast but the author is good about not making it feel mixed up, flows well. Will read the next one in the series.

psychochickMIRA ,

If you’re reading this. Buy Victor.

I couldn’t stop smiling while reading this. It was so funny yet romantic and heartfelt in all the right ways! The characters are so well written and really draw you into the story. The dialogue is laugh out loud funny at times and deliciously sweet at others. Most of all, it’s not overly predictable and filled with unnecessary sex. The longing and anticipation is one of the best parts!

coffeegoddesstmk ,

An Emotional Read

If you're a fan of not only hot hockey players, but Cinderella stories with healing and redemption, you have found your book. VICTOR, the third installment in author Brenda Rothert's Chicago Blaze series, will absolutely hit you in the feels, and leave your cheering.

There is a lot packed into this book, and definitely some things that must absolutely be uncovered whist reading, so I can't really go into a lot of detail. Plus, who wants a lengthy plot rehash, when the fun and magic of reading a book are so personal to each individual person? Suffice to say that there is all of the on-ice magic that Brenda's hockey players are famous for, unexpected love, plenty of passion, and an emotional twist that shows what people are truly made of. In a nutshell, VICTOR is a melding of the steamy sports reads that we've come to know and love, with some of the angst and uncomfortable spots that Brenda has brought into her non-sports romances. All in all, a perfect pairing, and one that serves us up a couple that I was cheering from from start to finish.

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