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Victorian Erotic Romance Anthology by Joan Russell. 42,078 Words. Four of Joan Russell’s most popular Victorian romances. A $23.91 value Special for only $8.99. Including “The Virgin Bride 3-Pack,” Thea who met her husband for the first time at the altar “The Governess 3-Pack,” Sarah who was expected to bear the Earl’s children as well as care for them, “Playtoy for a King” based on the true story of Lily Langtry mistress to the Crown Prince of England and “The Reluctant Bride” Bliss who was an abolitionist married off to the largest slave owner in Jamaica – who is not at all what she feared. Contains: Explicit erotica, oral sex, anal sex, bondage, spanking, multiple partner, double penetration, knotted silk string, lesbian sex and much more.


I didn’t know where to sit. I could perch before my dressing table and brush my hair some more. There was a chez lounge covered in maroon velvet in one corner, I supposed I could lie back dramatically on that, but it didn’t feel quite right. In the end I decided to climb onto the gigantic bed with the misty mauve cover lean back against the stacks of pillows and try to look alluring instead of scared to death. I uncovered my legs, revealing their length and slenderness, let my hair flow down by back so that it wouldn’t obscure the view of my shoulders and the tops of my breasts, placed my hand on my heart and waited.

I heard his delighted laugh before I saw him.

“I’m not going to murder you,” he said as he stepped into my room within minutes of my positioning myself. He was wearing a smoking jacket that complimented the colors in the room and picked up the green of his eyes. He smiled when he saw how I had draped myself on the bed.

“I was already driven nearly insane with desire for you. Now I can hardly wait,” he said in his low rolling voice.

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December 15
Joan Russell
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