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The new travel photography book all about composition.

How anyone can learn to take a perfect photo with ViewFinder Books

It took me five attempts to make the photo I had in mind, but I think the result was worth the effort.

I captured this at dawn, when the sun casts a warm ambient light with very soft shadows.

The mist allows me to separate all the different layers of the environment, thus enhancing the sense of depth between the hills, without flattening the farmhouse…

You will not resist Francesco Carovillano’s enthusiasm as he analyzes 16 of his photos. He will take you along on his journey and you will be riveted. In this interactive digital book, the photographer explains step by step how to compose an image, find the right point of view and wait for the correct light to capture the beauty of these lands of hills and cypresses. 

He also provides a detailed account of the process of genesis of each photo, showing all his attempts before perfecting the final shot. For the 4-week long trip to Tuscany, the photographer traveled with Marco Di Nucci, coauthor of the book, who took him to places tourists do not get to visit. The GPS coordinates will allow you to find the exact location where each photo was taken. Marco was equipped with a video camera and filmed Francesco at work in five enlightening clips.  

This book, which contains about 200 photos, is intended primarily for beginner and amateur photographers, no matter what their skills or equipment. It will also thrill Tuscany lovers and travelers of all kinds. 

Francesco Carovillano is an independent professional photographer. He works from France for several international agencies, such as Simephoto (Italy) and Tandem Stills+Motion (USA). He has photos published in many travel magazines, including National Geographic. Between his trips, Francesco gives photography classes in Paris. 

Marco Di Nucci has lived in Tuscany since 2004 where he graduated from the Università degli Studi in Siena with a degree in history. His passion for new technologies has led him to broaden his professional horizon and begin creating multimedia projects as well as writing cultural texts. 

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