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The Elven Terror ravaged the Kingdom of the Northmen for over a decade, nearly exterminating the people of the North before a desperate peace could be brokered.

Vignar Olafsson emerges from the war with the reputation of a hero, but despite all of his efforts, the Terror took both his mother and father. His oath of vengeance upon all of elven-kind is his only concern until he meets the enchanting elven agent, Mariel Gwindalin. When Vignar learns that his parents' is a particular elven assassin, he sets out at once to bring his hateful foe to justice.

Mariel Gwindalin has been a loyal servant of her house, even since she has come to know Vignar, but her lover's quest strikes at one of the most celebrated heroes of the Lun'Sil Clan. Traveling with her red-haired human has convinced her that strengthening the uneasy peace between their peoples is the right path forward for both kingdoms. But her affiliation with Vignar has made her suspect in her house and she has little faith that her people will surrender their hero to Vignar's justice without a fight.

Grakon Furiel, one-time hero of the Uruk'Sil Clan, seeks a sorcerer capable of restoring his missing foot. Outlawed by his chieftain and stripped of his titles and glory, Grak is willing to do anything to regain his former glory, including reaching out to a scheming human magician. Little does he realize that his simple request pulls him into an intrigue that is intended to topple kingdoms. With only one foot yet, Grak is no longer the fighter that he once was, but he still is not afraid of a good fight.

Join Vignar, Mariel, and Grak as they swashbuckle their way through danger and intrigue. Don't miss this astounding conclusion to Byron Gordon's epic Vignar Cycle, get your copy today!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 22
Byron Gordon
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