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Princess Vaidie had lived a confused and unhappy life since she was given the Armor of VIMOX, she decided not to go back in her imagination. But, she could not stop that for too long. One day, she again entered in her imagination by using the most powerful technique of meditation to go out of the kingdom of Vimox in search of Prince Lex.

Thousands of years back, their own families hanged both of them alive in a tree near the river. The girl, Naranta, was considered profane as she was almost naked with Sushruta when they stepped out of the river. People thought they had a relationship and both were making an excuse to save them. But! No one knew that this was not going to be end of their lives rather it was the beginning of a new history between the two different worlds.

Finally, the patience of Narantaka broke down; when he realized that he could be defeated. He thought of a cabal and threw some sand in the air; it interrupted the vision of Vaidie and Parnika. A good chance for him, he walked with his shaky legs towards his sword. He managed to pick it up and approached Parnika who was near to him; she was on her knees and wiping her eyes and trying to clean her vision. Narantaka was stepping toward her with the naked blade of his sword. Due to the sand in the air, Master Coeing and others could not see what was going on thereÖ there was a deep silence and everyone was thrilled...

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April 23
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