Vintage Herbal & Home Remedies Collection: Book 1 - Long lost Herbal Remedies & kitchen Cures

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This is a collection of old medicinal herbal recipes, Native herbal remedies, folk remedies, and home cures that were used for healing in the mid -19th to early 20th century. The recipes and formulas are sourced from old herbal books, recipe books, and magazines dating back to the mid-1800s. It also includes treasured home remedies that were passed down through many generations.

Herbs and kitchen cures were used extensively by our ancestors as medicine and it was the main medicine used by many people for generations. Not everyone trusted the allopathic or regular doctors of the time, with their barbaric treatments of bloodletting, blistering, mercury ingestion, and other toxic methods. Many people preferred the milder yet effective herbal medicine, Native remedies, and Grandma's home cures to the regular doctor's questionable procedures. The herbalist, Native healers, and eclectic doctors used natures pharmacy for healing the body.

In this book, you will learn many things that our ancestors used for healing, including:

How a common vegetable was used as a poultice for cancer and how another vegetable poultice prevented a leg amputation.

Need overnight relief from a cough and flu? Then learn how to do it with a popular herbal elixir of the day.

Read about an individual whose long-standing sore throat was cleared while persistently using a simple kitchen cure a few times a day for a couple of months. The persons eustachian tubes had also been clogged up and as the throat healed the tubes started discharging a substance. This resulted in a dramatic improvement in the person's hearing. Prior to using this simple home remedy this person had been partially deaf. A truly cheap, safe remedy, with astounding results and the only side effect was improved hearing.

Don't like wearing glasses? See how a physician was able to lay aside his after four years of wearing with the use of an eye water.

Learn of an old-style recipe for gallstones, which the practitioner claims have cured every case it was used in.

Read about a fascinating herb that satisfies the craving for tobacco while simultaneously relieving a long-standing cough which had remained long after a case of inflammation of the lungs.

Got rheumatism? Then learn how a common garage item of today relieved a long-standing case of debilitating rheumatism in the hands.

Do you want to learn the secret to what is claimed to be the recipe for the famous Perry Davis' pain killer formula? That's in here too and was very popular in the mid-1800s.

Learn about Quinine, the predecessor of today's Hydroxychloroquine, its uses, and its substitutes of the day.

This and much more forgotten herbal secrets and remedies are revealed in this book of long-lost cures

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July 29
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