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“Violent Violet and Her Silk Ropes of Despair” is written in a humorous, irreverent style to both entertain as well as titillate. One of my readers, Sujac has written, “First review I've ever written and I've read a lot of erotica, BDSM, etc. This book (Author's note: Review was of "Urban Legends: The Curious Tale of Naughty Alphonso's Adult Video's and Toy's") was a riot. Creative, hot, hysterically funny erotica and BDSM. BDSM funny? Yes! The way Ellioto writes it. I was laughing out loud while cringing at the same time. Loved the book so much I'm now reading everything he's written. This author has a truly twisted mind and I love it."
(reviewed within a week of purchase). "Violent Violet and Her Silk Ropes of Despair" is a full length novel at over 67,000 words.

The fourth installment in the series, When MILF’s Attack, is entitled Violent Violet and Her Silk Ropes of Despair. Violet, Mistress Rose’s sex slave, takes a pleasant train ride from urban Boston to suburban Brookline to collect on her sex slave bet she made with Jack and Nadine in the previous novel, Mistress Rose and Her Dungeon of Questionable Delights. Violet turns the tables on the two teens as well as their friends, Bert and Anita, by taking them through an intense obstacle course of sexual abuse for 24 hours as her sex slaves.
Where naughty boys and girls come to play,
to leave sore and limping by end of day.
Within minutes of stepping off the subway Violet has Jack and Nadine aroused and stripped in the Brookline business district. Things get no better for them as they bike home when the half-naked teens encounter a pick-up filled with horny Mexican lawn mower jockeys. Once home, Violet and the four teens engage in an erotic mosh f**k; straining oiled bodies couple and uncouple as they roll together in a tight, oiled ball on the old trampoline. This is immediately followed by Jack and Bert helplessly bound with silk ropes while suspended over the backyard trampoline. The boys are subjected to extreme hot and cold stimulation as the girl’s abuse their bodies with ice and hot wax while simultaneously trying to make them cum. Whomever cums first is the loser and will receive one of four special punishments of the boys’ choosing. None of the choices appear pleasant and, in fact, are not meant to be. Will the looser choose getting f****d by Violet with the evil electrified strap-on? Will he choose a violent Violet fisting? To avoid abuse, will the humiliated straight boy choose to blow the straight winner? Or finally, will the looser choose the mystery punishment which could potentially be much worse than the first three? And all of this takes place in just the first three hours of a sleepless 24 hour ordeal that will leave the teens exhausted, hallucinating and cummed out. Not so the enervated Violet. The teens learn the hard way that it is never a good idea to be the slave of a kinky, sexually perverted black girl.

Fiction & Literature
December 21
BB Ellioto
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