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A historical western cowboy romance about a mail order bride.

This first episode of The Montana Brides introduces Violet, Iris and Rose Kilburn, Heiresses to the Kilburn family cattle fortune. Rocking Horse Ranch runs five thousand head of cattle but all the ranch hands are getting old. The sisters need someone to run the ranch, so the eldest sister Violet hatches the idea of getting mail order husbands for the three of them. There’s only one problem. Cornell Pollard, the sisters’ guardian and the executor of their estate, doesn’t approve. Violet must challenge Pollard and her own role as his ally to find love and gain control over her own life.
The sisters pick up their prospective grooms from the train station and bring them back to the Ranch. The men stay in a neighboring house until the minister comes at the end of the week to marry them all. Things quickly start to go wrong. Everybody starts butting heads, and Violet finds herself embroiled in a family drama the likes of which Rocking Horse Ranch has never seen before. Will Violet’s plan to get married end in disaster, or can she and her sisters find love with a group of strange men? Are these men what they appear to be, or is something more sinister at work?

Fiction & Literature
June 16
Gold Crown
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Fan from AZ ,

Violet’s Mail Order Husband

I couldn’t put this book down. it ends abruptly with many questions which is what I believe the author wanted making room for the sequel books.

tammison ,

Violets mail order groom

Well written. Characters interesting and easy to picture them in my mind

Midwest Brides ,

Violet's Mail Order Husband

Kate you have wrote a very fascinating book. I can't wait to read your next book. You make the sisters seem like they are like my own sisters. You also leave us guessing who killed Cornelia. Will you please let me read your next book with Iris and her Mail Order Husband. I wrote my E-mail Address as I have on my note pad and the same for my password. But they keep saying that it is not the same and I am so tired of doing it over and over. All I want is to finish reading your

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