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‘Black Operations’ involves activities that are highly clandestine

and often outside of the standard intelligence/military protocols.

It involves a significant degree of deception, to conceal who is behind it

or to make it appear that some other entity is entirely responsible.

Welcome to the world of VIPER , an Elite Black Operations Squad.

If you like action packed fiction, by authors like Stephen Leather, Robert Ludlum or Chris Ryan, you will love these two novels, ‘VIPER’ and ‘VIPER 2  'The Master of Tomorrows Spawn’ by David Baker.

Viper 1 was released in July 2012 and reached number 1 in the Bestsellers in Men’s adventure fiction and Lad Literature on Amazon.co.uk.

Viper 2 ‘The Master of Tomorrows Spawn’ was released on Amazon on 9th May 2013.

Both books are loaded with non-stop intrigue, suspense and breakneck speed action.

Thrilling, plot twisting reads with real-life parallels and possibilities to chew on.

These are David’s first two books in the ‘Viper’ series. Viper 3 – 'Bad Russian Blood’ has been released, he is awaiting for the publication of Viper 4, 'Fog of Death' and is presently working on Viper 5.

VIPER a secret Elite ‘Black’ Operations squad.

Formed in Margaret Thatcher’s era following the Iranian Siege in London, continues to this day. A closely guarded British Secret handed down from one Prime Minister to the next. Operations are sanctioned only by the current serving British PM, through Charles Baker the brain-child and commander of Viper.

The Vipers are in Cyprus having hunted down their latest prey, two Bosnian Muslim brothers, arms dealers. They have been negotiating the purchase of a radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) unit, complete with a radioactive reactor which can be removed and ground to a dust to make ‘Dirty Bombs’.

The buyer, Abu Karim, is planning to carry out worldwide attacks on the 10th September using the radioactive waste in body-worn human bombs, to upstage Al-Qaeda to whom Abu Karim was once attached. With the recent demise of Osama bin Laden, time is of the essence for Abu Karim and now Viper.

This Elite Squad starts striking at its prey, following the sickening and ruthless kidnapping of a fifteen year old girl. Following the dealers to Georgia where the RTG is stored Viper must prevent the RTG falling into the hands of Evil – “At any cost!”

‘Viper 2 - The Master of Tomorrows Spawn’ by David Baker. 

Is a clandestine black operation at its best.

With the recent capture by Viper of Abu Karim, the leader of a new Islamic terrorist extremist party ‘Sayed-al-Ghad’,

Viper step back into the shadows; allowing the British Intelligence services to start the operation mop up and subsequent arrests of the other members of this terrorist party.

A rogue senior MI5 officer tips off a personal protection police officer attached to the British Prime minister, about his imminent arrest.

Saif Mirak, a new terrorist party has penetrated the heart and soul of the British Police Service and the MI5 Intelligence Agency.

The head of MI5 turns to his old friend Charles Baker the commander of Viper to help him find this MI5 traitor and the PM’s personal protection Police officer.

Viper goes deep undercover; the ramifications of what they find out about this new terrorist party’s plans are far from over, news that shocks not just the British but the Worldwide Security agencies.

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June 18
David Baker
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