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The Virgin Bride: Morning After by Joan Russell – 4,552 words – Victorian Erotic Romance – the second in the Virgin Bride Trilogy – finds Theodosia, who had seen her husband for the first time at the altar, continuing her explicit sexual “training” from her Wedding Night. Learning completely new ways to please and be pleased by her handsome, hugely wealthy, older husband. Contains: a knotted silk string, bondage, multiple orgasms, spanking, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, hot tub sex, doggie sex and more. All the characters in these stories are 18 years of age. Adult + Other Virgin Bride Stories: Wedding Night, Three For Afternoon Tea, The Virgin Bride Erotic 3-Pack.


“After all the things we did last night I can’t imagine you are still shy in front of me. I would much prefer to watch you do that without the sheet.”

I blushed crimson and he laughed with delight. He set the tray at the little table, surrounded by a couch and two chairs, which made a sitting area in the corner of the large bedroom. Then he quickly walked over to me, wrapped me in his arms and pressed his lips against mine, and pulled the sheet away from my naked body in one swift movement.

“You test me, woman. I think you would rather begin where we left off last night than dine with me.”

I started to answer with a smart retort when his flat hand descended on my naked flank in a sharp slap and he said, “Now fix the pillows. I don’t want you fainting from hunger while we finish your training.”

I squealed as the hand descended again in another sharp slap, and hastened to arrange the pillows and quilts. In my mind I pretended to be fully dressed so I wouldn’t be tempted to hide any part of me from him as I bent and stretched to make the bed. In truth the only thing I wore was the jeweled collar he had fastened around my neck the night before. Then I climbed atop the sheets, leaned back on the pillows and pulled the quilts up to my chest. I didn’t look at him until I was in place and when I did I saw the sharp gaze of lust coupled with approval on his face. He turned, picked up the tray, and placed it on my lap.

Then, while I poured us tea, he pulled back the drapes and let the morning in.

“Do you have plans for the day?” he asked as we nibbles on kippers, eggs and toast.

“I hadn’t thought beyond unpacking,” I replied.

“That’s Esther’s job. Your job is to be available to me,” he said and I could hear the humor in his voice.

“How will I ever find anything if Esther does everything for me?” I asked. I had a sudden, almost overwhelming feeling of powerlessness. Because of our poverty we had not had upstairs servants. I had been in charge of myself and my belongings for as long as I could remember.

“That too is Esther’s job,” he explained. “You don’t want to cost her employ by letting on that you don’t need her.”

I wondered if he understood that I would never jeopardize Esther even at my own expense. I didn’t respond for several minutes.

“Do you have plans for us today?” I asked, trying not to sound angry or sullen when I actually wanted to fight the battle for my independence now rather than later.

“If you listen carefully I am having a bath drawn for us. We will wash each other and then I will continue your introduction to pleasure,” he said. He took a sip of hot tea, looking at me over the rim of the cup.

“There’s more?” I gulped. I wondered where else he could touch me, what else he could do to me that he hadn’t already done last night.

“Much more,” he laughed. “Much, much more.”

Fiction & Literature
January 25
Joan Russell
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