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A collection of erotic stories about young women losing their virginity. Taken from the highly rated Virgin No More series come the following stories:

Virgin No More-Hailey
Hailey comes home after a tough cheerleading practice to an empty house. She is excited because she gets to spend some time alone with her boyfriend for a change. But while getting a topless massage from her boyfriend, her step-father walks in, catching them. He decides to teach Hailey a lesson about how boy's really think. Little does he know that he is pushing his daughter closer toward uncontrollable lust. And with him being the only man around, he has no choice but to fulfill her needs.

Virgin No More-Little Sarah
When Sarah moves into her dorm, she isn't quite prepared at how open her new roommate, Tania, is with her sexuality. On her first night, Sarah witnesses Tania having wild sex with her boyfriend. It turns her on so much, she can think of nothing else. So, when she comes in one day to find the boyfriend asleep and tied naked to Tania's bed, Sarah can't help herself. But what will Tania think when she comes back from class to find her boyfriend taking her roommate's virginity?

Virgin No More-Samantha
Samantha's mother died over a year ago, leaving her alone with her step-father. Her step father has been battling depression since her mother's death. Samantha loves her step-father and will do anything to make him happy--anything. Even if it means giving him the ultimate gift: her virginity.

With a bonus story:

F****d by my Best Friend's Dad
Tina is asked by her friend Raven to cover for her when she goes out to spend the night with her boyfriend. When she gets caught in the lie though, the consequences are a little more than Tina was expecting. Her friend's father intends to teach the young girl a lesson in sex that she will never forget. And she won't leave with her virginity intact.

Fiction & Literature
November 12
J.M. Christopher
Smashwords, Inc.

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