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Ron and his friends made it out of the Virtual Reality competition and did well.  Now though they have to deal with the fall out.

Everything seems changed and different.  Washed out and boring.

But they don’t have time to worry about that.  The second alien invasion is now inbound.  The robots and their masters learned from the last time and are carrying out a larger invasion with better planning.

Ron and crew will have to survive the impact of the meteors that are the precursor to invasion.  Then the hordes of people that have been driven insane by the attack.

Finally, they are going to have to join the resistance and be ready to fight.  The robots have new models and learn fast.  Super weapons are in production as soon as the robots secure their landing zones and the military is reeling as it tries to deal with displaced populations and an enemy that has planned this attack out after decades spent watching the planet.

Ron will have to use every ounce of his ability he has developed in the virtual reality games he’s played.  His tactics, knowledge and resourcefulness will be tested to the very limits of his breaking point.

If he succeeds, then he and his friends will survive to continue the fight.  But a mistake could cost the entire team their lives.

Sometimes the choice is not in your hands.

What is really going on though?  And is the AI in league with the robotic invaders or does it have some other worse plan for Ron and his friends?  

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 30
Tom Germann
Draft2Digital, LLC

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