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Don't fall for this myth. It hurts.

The myth is the idea that you're going to publish this book and you're going to earn passive income and meet influencers and build your email list. Your business will be on autopilot. You're going to make royalties, and pretty soon you'll quit your day job and all that stuff.

This myth is just not true.

The reality is, for most nonfiction authors, your book is not your source of income. It's not going to create passive income you can retire on. You have to understand its true purpose.

If this is new to you, it is not your fault. There will be people who let you believe the myth—or even enforce the myth by suggesting you buy their course on how to write a book to make money. The allure will be that you're going to generate instant passive income.

That's not the case. Your book is an authority builder. It's a business card. It is also a sales and marketing tool. But it is not your income.

For me, that realization was the heartbreak. It was a crushing moment I had to deal with. Worse, I felt like my dream had died, because I didn't know what the alternative was.

But you are in the right place right now, because I am going to share the answer with you. The solution, of course, is this book's namesake: a virtual summit.
Virtual summits do all the things that I thought a book would do. Let's be clear: you still need a book. Most people who are looking to see who you are do so by checking if you have a book on one of the retailers. If you are an expert, surely you have written a book on the subject. And if you have, many will read it to determine if you have the knowledge they need.

So you need a book, of course. But if you want to:
rapidly build your email listrapidly connect with other influencersactually generate income
Virtual summits are the answer.

It took me three and a half years to figure that out, but you've just figured it out in the few minutes you have been reading. Hopefully I've caught you soon enough—and even if I haven't, that's okay too, because you are now in the right place. Now you have an answer for those missing things you thought your book would do.
A virtual summit is a major supplement to your book.

You can and should host one, so let's get started, shall we?

Business & Personal Finance
July 25
Ray Brehm
Draft2Digital, LLC

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