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***And then the pandemic happened. What can I say? I'm writing, but like you, I'm muddling through real life needs right now--caregiver to someone who cannot go out at all, finding jobs to pay all the bills, trying to figure out how to clone myself. I'm so close and yet...not there yet. This feeling is painful. For those who do not know my job, I'm a roofer who works from 9am to dark everyday, and night time is now divided between caregiving and all the things you and I need to get done. Since I'm alone, I do everything. Best wishes to y'all and thank you for your kind emails. I hope you are all doing okay.

***I have to be caregiver to my partner right now, which takes up all my attention. I appreciate your understanding. The new date looks auspicious with all the 2s and 0s. I'm really hoping this will bring me the luck I need.

ETA Almost 2/3 done.

***My hurricane damage from last year and the year before have really delayed everything in my life. Please accept my sincere apologies. Here's the prologue SNIPPET:

Hey, you! Remember me? I'm the remote viewer stuck in the ether. When I'm conscious, I would go check out my physical body, which is the weirdest thing ever, sort of like, sleeping and dreaming at the same time. So. Surreal.
I've been talking to myself a lot because there is no one to talk to, except for him. That dark shape just at the peripheral of my world. I won't let him in because he's the reason I'm in this predicament. F****r is some sort of energy vampire remote viewer. At least, that's my theory because after the first shouting match with him, I've blocked him. I've to figure out a way to get rid of him somehow.
But, first, I need to vent out loud.
Jed Conor McNeil! You better find a way to wake me up!


Finally, readers get the Book 3 they have been waiting for--Jed and Hell.

Virtually His--introduces Helen "Hell" Roston's unique capability

Virtually Hers--introduces Hell's monitor, Jed.

Virtually One--Hell is out of commission and Jed is determined to get her back.

Remote viewing has never been hotter.

August 12
Gennita Low
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

RTBA1234 ,

Why does the date keep changing?

Why do they keep changing the order date of this book? It is years overdue and yet still each date is continuously getting pushed back. Very unprofessional and inconsiderate to fans.

bookowl1234 ,

After all this time

I’ve been waiting for this book for years!!!! I don’t know why it took so long but I’m just glad it’s finally coming out and I get to have some closure. I’ll have to go read the first two books again since I have forgotten what happen but I am excited for what comes next.

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