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A hands-on enhanced ebook visual guide to spotting potential price movements and improving returns, complete with test-yourself quizzes and video tutorials.

Bloomberg Financial Series Visual Guide to Chart Patterns Enhanced Edition is a concise and accessible visual guide to identifying, understanding, and using chart patterns to predict the direction and extent of price moves. Packed with visual learning enhancements and exercises, this innovative book helps savvy investors and professionals alike master the essential skills of chart pattern recognition. Follow along as chart pattern expert Thomas Bulkowski teaches you to recognize important peaks and valleys that form patterns—footprints of the smart money.

As an enhanced eBook, Visual Guide to Chart Patterns features a slew of exciting additional features designed to provide a more immersive learning experience. With the Wiley enhanced eBook, you can to test yourself on key concepts through interactive quizzes and exercises, gain a deeper understanding through detailed and captioned color graphics, and learn hands-on through video tutorials.

Nearly 200 color charts assist in providing a step-by-step approach to finding those footprints, interpreting them, and following them. Popular patterns such as head-and-shoulders, double tops and bottoms, triangles, gaps, flags, and pennants are just a few of the many patterns explored throughout the book.

For the sophisticated trader or investor, the book also provides statistical research to support the claims of pattern behavior, trading signals, and setups, in an easy to understand way.
Discusses chart pattern identification guidelines, psychology, variations, failures, and buy and sell signalsCovers the most popular and common chart patterns as well as lesser-known ones like throwbacks, pullbacks, and busted patternsIncorporates quizzes, step-by-step exercises, enhanced graphics and video tutorials to immerse the reader in the world of chart patterns
Designed for use by investors and traders, from beginners to experts looking for a practical, easy-to-use guide, comprehensive reference, Bloomberg Visual Guide to Chart Patterns provides a sophisticated introduction to the world of chart patterns.

Business & Personal Finance
November 13
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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