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Vocabulary comprises all the English words that you recognize their meanings and the words that you can deduce from contexts. Developing a good vocabulary is a significant part of effective studying. Poor vocabulary slows down reading and hampers retention.

It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you vocabulary.

It clearly explains the steps in increasing your vocabulary. The first step is regular reading. You must therefore fix reading for pleasure into your schedule.

It analyzes the second step in increasing your vocabulary. The second step is context clue. By considering the context in which a word appears, you can conveniently determine its meaning.

It appraises the third step in increasing your vocabulary. The third step is systematically learning new words by using vocabulary worksheet. In making use of worksheet, you should make sure you study the different meanings of words and their usage in context.

It evaluates the fourth step in increasing your vocabulary. The fourth step is to be familiar with the word root, a root from which other words grow. The word root takes you to the prefix and the suffix.

It discusses the fifth step in increasing your vocabulary. The fifth step is to be familiar with the registers. The register is the range of words used by speakers and writers in different professional contexts.

It outlines the diction. It throws light on the rules on the choice of words. It will enable you to learn how to make the right choice of words.

It highlights the correct spelling of words. This being so, a good method of getting the right spelling is to identify the root words, prefixes and suffixes, and how they combine to form words. Another good method is to be familiar with the troublesome homophones.

And it contains a hundred of questions designed to enable you to increase your vocabulary within a short time.

March 15
Anthony Anamgba
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