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The Tolstoy tells a story a parable of a man's journey to understanding the meaning of life. The hero is of good family, rich and his life sums up everything that is a stumbling block to finding Christ. The hero has to forgive the way his first love has turned out then he realizes he has been the means of her fall. it became clear to him that all the dreadful evil he had been witnessing in goals and the quiet self-satisfaction of the perpetrators of this evil were the consequences of men trying to correct evil while being evil themselves. The story of Nekhludoff's journey is written and described by one of the best writers ever and Tolstoy's passion for his subject and the strength of the description mean the reader is enthralled and horrified and then realizes that he or she is the evil doer as is Nekhludoff. Shakespeare said it too through Hamlet. Treat people better than they deserve or who'd escape hanging? Man must not murder. Here Tolstoy repeats his theme of the blasphemy of war and his support for conscientious objection. I love the fact that in the final paragraphs Tolstoy gives a wonderful description of the conversion experience, and then does not tell us how life turned out for Nekhludoff that does not matter all that matters now is that his life now has meaning and purpose and nothing that happens to him is as important as that. So Christ is raised. His message and precepts rise and live in an evil world.

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