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Trace Kogan will go to any length to protect those who need protecting. That is the business he is in; the business his father, Casper Kogan, started with Bryce Trexler more than thirty-five years ago. Trace spends day and night eliminating threats to clients, so when the danger hits too close to home, he won’t let anything come between him and the woman who desperately needs his help. 

His fear… the physical reaction he has to Marissa may pose a bigger danger than the ghost that they find themselves up against. 

Marissa Trexler has spent the last twelve months of her life in hiding, tucked away in one safe house after another for her own protection. The threat to her is real even if the reason is still unknown. Strangely, whoever is after her seems to find her no matter where she goes, leading her family to believe it’s an inside job. 

So when the decision is made that Trace will provide personal protection, she can’t say no, even if being close to him adds another level of danger… and this one is to her heart.

April 7
Nicole Edwards Limited
SL Independent Publishing

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D❤❤❤❤❤ ,

Amazing... Suspenseful...

Nicole Edwards is a genius!!! All of her series are top notch and this book steps it up another level!!! The perfect book to start this series. She is the only author I know that can use so many different POVs in one book, and NOT lose her readers! I love this book, the plot line, the families, the characters revealed so far for this story. I finished in less than a day and a half because I just couldn't put it down!!! I can't wait for book two... Now I'm going to read the first from Soutern boy mafia... Mmmm so excited.

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