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Get lost in Waiting for an Earl Like You, the next lush, sensual Regency romance in the Masters of Seduction series by USA Today bestselling author Alexandra Hawkins.

Justin Reeve Netherwood, Earl of Kempthorn—a.k.a. Thorn—has never cared much for his neighbor’s daughter. But his twin brother, Gideon, befriended the wild, reckless, and wholly inappropriate Miss Olivia Lydall in youth, and two have been close ever since. So when Olivia finds herself in a state of romantic conflict and seeks out Gideon for advice, he’s only too pleased to oblige. Only problem: The man Olivia is speaking to is Thorn. And now it’s too late for him to tell Olivia the truth…

Thorn always believed that Olivia was too smitten with Gideon for her own good. So what’s the harm in steering her away from him? But Thorn’s charade turns out to be anything but harmless once he begins to see Olivia for who she really is: A woman full of spirit and passion…and someone he can’t live without. But how can Thorn claim Olivia’s heart when their deepening connection—and burning desire—is built on lies and deceit?

January 3
St. Martin's Publishing Group

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Mslizalou ,

Enjoyable read

I've somehow missed out reading Alexandra Hawkins before Waiting For an Earl Like You. I absolutely loved her voice and look forward to reading her extensive backlist and future books.

I really enjoyed Waiting For an Earl Like You. I thought both Olivia and Thorn were both really strong characters, although I'm not sure Olivia really saw herself that way in the beginning. I initially thought Thorn was so rude to Olivia because he was jealous that Olivia took his twin Gideon from him. I quickly realized his jealousy had everything to do with he wanted Olivia for himself.

I didn't love the fact that Thorn pretended to be Gideon around Olivia several times. I felt it was too much of a childhood prank at first, and really felt like he let it go on a bit too long. However, I thought Olivia would be better at telling the twins apart as well. Honestly, these were my only issue with the book.

I love the somewhat slow build of romance between Thorn and Olivia. They really worked as a couple for me in a way that I could never see with Gideon and Olivia. Thorn and Olivia had great chemistry and I could tell how much they loved each other long before either one of them admitted it to themselves or each other.

Waiting For an Earl Like You was a very enjoyable read. I love when I find a new-to-me author whose voice I love from the very first page. I look forward to reading many more books from Ms. Hawkins in the future.

Rating: 4 Stars (B+)
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glhince ,

plodding in terms of pace, with characters who didn’t stand out

1.5 stars

I had read the first in this series (A Duke But No Gentleman) and was intrigued to see where the author had taken this Regency romance series. Now we have Thorn, the Earl, and his younger twin brother Gideon. Thorn is more than a touch judgmental and rigid, and he often can’t see people or what they ARE rather than what they had been as children. As he is now of the age (and position) to seriously think in terms of a wife and heirs, he’s unable to get himself to see past the wild hoydenish behavior of the child Olivia, when confronted with her as a now grown woman. Always Gideon’s friend as children, the two were wild, reckless and completely behaving like children.

But now, Olivia has sought out her former best friend, Gideon, for some romantic advice. Problem is, she actually found Thorn, and couldn’t tell the difference.

Back and forth, up and down, Thorn does finally see that Olivia is a wonderfully kind, passionate, and spirited young woman: truly seeing Gideon as a friend and slid advice-giver. But, Thorn’s dug a hole, a deep one, and he can’t seem to find the right way or time to tell her the truth.

Again – I came up against issues and problems with this story as well: the twin switch was far too convenient and made Olivia seem incredibly daft and clueless: which she wasn’t at all. Where in the first book I had issues with a lack of definition and voice for the characters, here the problem became Thorn, Gideon and Thorn playing Gideon – there were no distinctions whatsoever. And that lack of solid voice came up repeatedly – as the author chose to put them in the same scene. What started as a possible misunderstanding made for good intentions (or at least in Thorn’s view) became to feel like a mean prank played on a woman who was too dim, or too besotted and befuddled with all of the sexual tension that she could never see the difference. When you add that reaction to a story that was, essentially plodding in terms of pace, with characters who didn’t stand out – and you get this. Sadly a huge miss for me, and most probably the last I will read from this author.

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

celticmaggie ,

Waiting For an Earl Like You

This is the first time I have read a book of Alexander's. She does lots of description throughout the story. It was hard to read in certain places. She does a lot with the story line and characters. This is Love/Hate book. It makes it harder with Thorn and Gideon, the identical twin brothers! I took longer to read this book than others I have. I felt sorry for Olivia who lived in the country beside the brothers. They are beside each other in London. There are twists with Olivia's father. Spoiler. Gideon and Thorn are working about with turns in the story. This has quite a lot of sex in this book. Check it out before you read. I would still recommend you to get this book Don't let it get away! I volunteered to read and review this book.

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