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~ Seducing and Making Love to His Giantess Girlfriend Is No Small Feat, but a Challenge He's More than Willing to Meet ~

They say that breaking up is hard to do, but when it's the dawn of Gary's first day as a man a fraction of his former height, the very act of waking up comes with an overwhelming set of difficulties all its own—especially when he could be crushed by his giantess girlfriend in their shared bed at any moment.

Gary and Jennifer are crazy about each other, and their first erotic moments as a newly disproportionately sized couple prove that, together, they are capable of overcoming just about any obstacle. But that was last night.

Today, Gary is a tiny man tossed about in an ocean of bedcovers, and Jennifer is the very horizon of his new world. Her sleeping form rises before him like a uncharted mountain range, and Gary doesn't know if he has the courage to face his first day as a shrunken man... until the unavoidable allure of his girlfriend's cavernous cleavage beckons his ever-reliable morning wood, and Gary risks life and limb to dive right in.

Jennifer breathes, her cleavage heaves, and Gary explodes in a full-body experience beyond his wildest imagination. And that's just the beginning of the morning's adventures. There's a gorgeous giantess to wake up and return the favor to. And Gary quickly realizes his new size is an asset every man should have the pleasure of utilizing as he explores the landscape of his girlfriend's gorgeous body.

~ His Giantess Wife to Be ~ Her Shrunken Man Fantasies Fulfilled ~ Their Giantess Tales of Sexuality ~


This giantess sex adventure brings all of your favorite erotic giantess fantasies to life for you to experience intimately: giantess femdom, erotic giantess girlfriend, hot giantess sex every which way, shrunken man lady cavern exploration, giantess stories of a loving relationship, and multiple orgasms

Adult Erotica Warning:
This book contains adult sex situations infused with explicit erotic sex scenes in explicit detail and graphic sex and language and is intended for mature adult audiences only. All characters are fictionally created and all engaged in sexual fantasy situations and activities are mutually consenting and 18 years of age or older.

About the Series

~ Pocket Boyfriend: One Irreversible Mistake Leads to a Whole New World of Sensual Pleasure ~

There's nothing Gary lacks in his endlessly rewarding relationship with his girlfriend Jennifer... except his former height. Gary may be a fraction of his former self, but that doesn't mean his virility has been affected in the least. He may be a palm-sized partner now, but that means there's just more of Jennifer's beautiful body to love. They never could've guessed the sexual possibilities, but they're definitely eager to find out.

About the Author

~ Tina Tirrell Knows Fetish, and She's Not Afraid to Write the Forbidden ~

Tina Tirrell's writing is unique among all erotica authors in its drenching intensity, true-to-life detail, driving pace that picks up your pulse at every peak moment (ensuring your gratification—repeatedly—while reading), and even a touch of erotic comedy that you're guaranteed to grow addicted to. Tina's passion for each theme she personally delves into and every erotic taste she caters to is evident in her believable characters and genuine story progression. Her readers come away content, spent, and breathless for more, as if they've just enjoyed a new, intimate encounter all their own.

Fiction & Literature
January 29
Ardour Press
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