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Life’s not easy being a Christian, holding on to Christ's ideals, and still running a profitable business.In fact, as Christians we are held to higher standards and hamstrung in ways that our secular counterparts would never understand. Where they can cheat a little, the Spirit inside of us will accept only honesty. Where they can bend the rules, we must walk the straight and narrow. Where they can feel justified in closing a lop-sided deal, we must love our neighbors as ourselves.We’re handicapped in getting ahead.Or are we?Business is changing. The old ways of tricking and making people feel a certain way through psychological manipulation are over. If you watch carefully, the tides are turning, as people become more informed, more savvy, and fed-up with with businesses broken and lame promises. The future belongs to those people who can form relationships, exceed customer expectations, connect, and tell relevant stories.In short, the future belongs to the Christian Business Owner.This is not your typical business book. Not only is it directed at Christians in business (a rarity due to prejudices in the church) but it’s also structured as devotionals rather than as chapters. It’s my firm belief that you will be better served by reading one section every week than by reading the whole thing at one sitting.So read one entry, put it down, then meditate on it for a while. Read, reflect, re-read, then put it into action. If you are looking for quick answers or easy solutions, Jesus never promised that and neither do I. But if you dedicate yourself to change then I guarantee you will find success.

Business & Personal Finance
August 16
Josh Kilen
Smashwords, Inc.

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