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We raise our children to be independent and lead fulfilling lives, but when they finally do, staying close becomes more complicated than ever. And for every bewildered mother who wonders why her children don’t call, there is a frustrated son or daughter who just wants to be treated like a grownup. Now, renowned editor Jane Isay delivers the perfect gift to both parents and their adult children—real-life wisdom and advice on how to stay together without falling apart.

Using extensive interviews with people from ages twenty-five to seventy, Isay shows that we’re far from alone in our struggles to make this new, adult relationship work. She offers up groundbreaking insights and deeply moving stories that will inspire those in even the toughest situations. Isay’s warmth and wit shine through on every page as she charts an invaluable course through the confusing, and often painful, interactions parents and children can face. Walking on Eggshells is the much-needed road map that will keep you connected to the people you love most.

March 27
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

iCal Queen ,

Life Changing

With 5 adult children, 3 of which are step children whom my husband and I raised for 32 years, and 11 grandchildren, Jane's words of wisdom reminded me that the only one I can change is myself, and that prayer, no matter what your spirituality is, changes everything.

And how much I disliked my mom calling and asking me if my college kids were doing their homework and walking the dog, so do my kids dislike being treated as a child when they are adults.

But most importantly, to just be a loving listener. And with this comes the peace and trust that as I worked life out, so will they.
Thank you Jane!

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