Walking With God For Over 50 Years

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This final book by author Georgia Davenport McCain rovides a narrative of the author's journey of faith for more than 50 years. The following is excerpted from the premise:

Approximately thirty or more years ago, I wrote a book entitled Trials and Triumphs, which is now out of print. It contained many of my personal experiences with God and some wonderful answers to prayer. Requests have been made for me to have it reprinted. In considering it, I have decided to revise it instead, under another title, and add more of my personal answers to prayer, some taken from two of my other books, plus others that have never been recorded.

“Searching For God” describes how, even as a little girl, the pages of the big Bible at home helped to quench the thirst of her soul. Even though she would attend the community church and professed to be saved, the deep longing of her soul was not satisfied. After her marriage and the birth of her first child, she began to listen to a radio preacher that resulted in an indescribable sorrow for her sin. This resulted in going into her bathroom, getting on her knees, and asked for forgiveness. She felt light as a feather, like she was going to sprout wings and fly. This created a strong desire to witness to others about her new-found faith.

“Walking In the Light” describes the author's early evolution in her Christian experience. Even though she was discouraged from continuing her Christian experience, she refused to let anything daunt her spirits. She describes her burden of providing restitution for money that she had failed to pay for long distance calls while employed as a telephone operator and her concerns about possibly getting some of her former work colleagues in trouble. She trusted in God to get through this experience and He did not fail her.

In “A Deeper Need Revealed”, the author relates her pursuit of a fuller experience of holiness in spite of her earlier Christian conversion. This led to a fuller Christian experience of “sanctification”.

In “God's Lesson on Doing the Little Things”, she discusses her progression on doing little things for God's benefit even though she was busy as a mother and wife. She discovered that speaking a kind word to whoever crossed her path, visiting the sick and elderly, helping widows and orphans, and listening to the leading of God were sufficient to make an impact. Her poem, “The Little Things” vividly demonstrates how the initiative of Granny in helping Johnny the drunkard and bum, a get well card to Mary, a hospitalized patient, from someone who could not visit the hospital, and Farmer Brown's kindness to his mean neighbor, Mr. Smith, paid dividends and led to new Christian experiences.

In “God's Leadership in Getting Our Children into Christian Schools”, the author recites her experiences and challenges in achieving a Christian education for her children. Despite the cost, distance, and resultant loneliness, several of the children were able to receive Christian education in a distant state.

In “God Promises Protection for Our Travels”, she provides some details on some of the family travels, especially for church-related activities, and how numerous challenges were overcome by ongoing faith in God.

IIn “Our Little Nathaniel”, the author discusses the sickness and death of a grandchild, the emotional impact on the family, and how God provided grace to the family to deal with this tragedy. Her memorial poems written on the yearly annivesary of her grandson's death are included.

In “God's Call to Minister to Rest Home Residents”, the author describes her calling to minister to senior residents in rest homes. She continued this ministry for over 30 years until her death.

The remaining chapters shares other personal experiences with God and answers of prayer, most being new content not shared in the author's prior books.

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February 1
Georgia McCain
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