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This is the sequel to "Wally the Whale" by Stephen George. Enjoy this entertaining adventure of Wally searching for his old friends and the new friends he makes on his journey. There is action and humor throughout the story while introducing octopus, jellyfish, starfish and "the old one eyed halibut" to the list of personalities. This is also written to educate children to some of the factual characteristics of sea life. Adults will enjoy reading this story to children and advanced grammar school readers will enjoy reading this story on their own.

Excerpt: An early morning sunrise shined red and yellow streaks across low hanging clouds. Wally's eyes slowly peeked out of the water and saw the colorful clouds moving silently in the pale blue sky. After a deep breath of cool fresh air, Wally took a minute to enjoy the beautiful colors. Wally noticed the sky getting lighter and the squawking calls from seagulls getting louder. Like a noisy alarm clock, the seagulls reminded him it was time to get going. Wally's wide tail made a splash as it gave him a push through the water. The splash was like a signal that today's adventure had begun.

It was the time of year Wally would begin his Pacific Ocean migration to Alaska. Like every year on his journey north, Wally would swim through the beautiful islands in the State of Washington. One of these islands, rich with green trees and wild berries, is Camano Island. Camano is pronounced Ka'may-no. This island was named for the Spanish explorer Jacinto Caamano over a hundred and fifty years ago. The beaches and hills on Camano have changed only a little since the early explorers first rested here. Now, this same island is a favorite place for Wally because it is where some of his special friends live. These friends are the neighborhood boys and girls who live on Camano Island.

February 1
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