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Wanders Far lived in dangerous times and was faced with one difficult challenge after another. He was a skinny, quiet boy who was raised on the banks of a tributary of New York State's Mohawk River, hundreds of years before colonists arrived. One lifetime was not enough for Wanders Far's old soul. From a very young age, his wanderlust compelled him down one path after another. No village could contain him. He was happy living a simple life in the physical world during challenging times. The spirit world had other plans. A wise, enigmatic shaman mentored Wanders Far and helped him cultivate the supernatural visions that haunted him. His guide could only help him so far. He set out to become a runner, carrying important messages across the lands of his people and their enemies. He ended up fulfilling a much greater destiny than he ever imagined. This is the first installment in the Adirondack Spirit Series. You might like this book if you like historical novels, westerns, supernatural thrillers, or books featuring distance hikers. If you like all of those, hopefully this book will be one of your favorites. Table of Contents: Grandfather Is Dead, A Good Place to Start a New Life, Runaway Toddler, Too Many Trout to Count, Ambushed, Swamp Creature, The Fierce Scream of a Fisher Cat, Trading with the Narraganset, Choosing a New Chief, Attacked at Dawn, An Algonquin Captive, Utopia, Magic Crystal, Stealing Souvenirs from a Camp of Giants, A Malevolent Presence, Great Roaring Waterfalls, He Who Follows the Stars, That Is How Your Story Should Be Told My Friend, People of the Longhouse, The Great White Stag, Justice, The First Full Moon of Summer, A Young Man with an Old Soul.

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May 28
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