Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat

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The authorized biography of Ambassador Lee Wanta will shock, outrage and inspire its readers. For the first time, meet the man behind the Fall of the Soviet Union and learn his part in ending the Cold War without a firing a shot. Not only has he assisted royalty and government leaders, but also captured and unmasked criminals all around the globe. Escaping death was not merely a necessity but a way of life. Ambassador Wanta worked as a Secret Agent under President Ronald Reagan, striving to keep his country safe by participating in sting operations and earning capital through his corporations. President Reagan mandated under Totten Doctrine (92 U.S. 105, 107) the Ambassador to carry out his plan to end the Cold War and bring about the creation of the Russian Federation with the agreement of Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev. Ambassador Wanta assisted with the Principality of Snake Hill, tracked down criminals such as Frank Balistrieri, negotiated with Heads of State and provided many services for his country. But this patriotic man was crushed by fraudulent court orders, detained in Switzerland, and robbed of his personal finances. In this biography documenting his life’s experiences, readers learn how Ambassador Wanta’s $31.2 trillion were swept out from under his feet. The crime of circumstance lies in the fact that his private earnings were converted from him, leaving the man in poverty. Shady circumstances cloud the deaths of some of his closest associates. The Ambassador has faced everything from being stonewalled by the media to receiving death threats. In Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat, readers learn just what it means to be a Secret Agent and about the persecution associated with big money. In contrast with Ambassador Wanta’s goals to use his private fortune to help eliminate the U.S. National Debt obligations and develop a High Speed Rail system, his enemies’ goals for the money are purely selfish. With hundreds of pages and an extensive number of documents, letters and photos, this biography aims to prove to the American Public the truth about this oppressed man. Ambassador Wanta hopes to enlighten readers as to the true nature of various politicians, Puppet Masters and corporate government institutions through his extensive experiences and personal history.

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June 16
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Viking International, LLC