Wanting the Fight

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Ethan Jameson has it all. He’s one of the hottest fighters in the middleweight circuit and is loved by women everywhere. It seems nothing can stand in his way… except for the dragon tattoo that marks him as a target. He knew the day would come when Nikolai Michelson would seek out his vengeance. He even fooled himself into believing he was ready to fight back… until a one-night stand changes everything.
Peyton Emerson; Hollywood starlet and America’s sweetheart. She’s always wondered what it would be like to have Ethan to herself. After a drunken weekend in Vegas, she got the pleasure of finding out firsthand. But being with her comes at a cost. Peyton knows all too well how the paparazzi tear couples apart with their lies.
Still, there’s no denying that their one-night stand sparked something inside of them—a need for one another they can’t quell. Unable to fight their attraction, they work to keep their relationship a secret. Unfortunately, their efforts aren’t enough to keep an enemy from finding out and using that information to manipulate them both. When Peyton and Ethan are approached with a grisly demand, they have no choice but to accept. Those they love will pay the horrific price if they try to refuse…

October 25
L.P. Dover
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

RowenaB10 ,

Great first reading of the series.

My first read of the series and it did not disappoint. Ethan Jameson, a hot MMA fighter meets his weakness when American sweetheart Peyton Emerson crashes into his life what was suppose to be a one night stand. When their path keeps finding them together, chemistry sizzles and will not be denied especially as danger seems to playing with their life. I enjoyed the dangerous element that adds the right touch to make the storyline intense and keep you flipping the pages until the end. Will definitely catch upon the rest of the series.

threers ,

So many shocking moments!

Wanting the Fight is intense. Wanting the fight has so much that was not expected. This is one of those books that I had to actually shutdown the Kindle and take deep breaths. This in one of those books that I was tempted, so so tempted, to skip to the end. The drama was making my stomach turn. If Wanting the Fight was a movie I would have been the one covering my eyes and just doing a little peek every now and then.

L.P. Dover used her words to make evil ooze off of the pages. Some of her "evil" characters gave me the creeps. Actually, they gave me the hebbie-jebbies. Evil became addictive. I was counting down the pages until they got what the deserved. I swear, I even hit the freezer for ice cream to brighten my day. Comfort food to the rescue.

I love that I didn't see things coming. I was blown away by the plot line. I didn't see so much of what happens coming. I was dragged into the story. I became so invested in Ethan and Peyton and there was no way I was putting it down until they got their happily ever after.

If you love to read books that give you the unexpected, you need to grab Wanting the Fight.

Ashley Gayhart ,

Nail Biter

Talk about unexpected. My goodness ‘Wanting The Fight” was something I didn’t see coming. The twists, the turns, the mysteriousness, and the unholy suspense had me on the edge of my seat.

‘Wanting The Fight’ was an original with an amazing plot. I can honestly say, I’ve never read something similar. I love how family oriented this book is, and (assuming) kind of interconnects with previous books. In my opinion, it brought the depth to another level.

I’m obsessed with these characters and their families. Peyton and Ethan were made for each other. I loved how they handled themselves and wasn’t afraid of their feelings. It showed a maturity that I definitely appreciate.

This book is a nail biter that would make one heck of a movie. I really enjoyed it.

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