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War and Peace (Pre-reform Russian: Voyna i mir) is a novel by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy, first published in 1869. The work is epic in scale and is regarded as one of the most important works of world literature. [1] [2] [3] It is considered as Tolstoy's finest literary achievement, along with his other major prose work, Anna Karenina (1873–1877).

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June 10
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Customer Reviews

Willis review ,

War and Peace

Enjoyed every page until the 2nd Epilogue. Waste of words

YeahSportsRock ,

Worth the effort

Parts of this book flow very fast and others are tedious but it is worth the effort.

Jayhawker84 ,

Millennial’s take on an old classic

I grew up reading condensed classic literature (Great Illustrated Classics) and I developed an interest in all sorts of authors. As I got older I read many of the original versions of those classics, but I never got to Tolstoy. I don’t think his two greats (War and Peace and Anna Karenina) were even made I to those condensed children’s books either.

Regardless, I read Anna Karenina when I was 24, and it’s still one of my top five books ever. Now, I’m 35 and I have just finished War and Peace for the first time. Similarities between them, briefly:

Tolstoy masterly captures the essence of the human experience and relates that to a reader. He brings one into the sensual experience of a scene with sounds, smells, visual aspects and feelings in a combination unrivaled by others. On top of that, his characters all possess qualities decidedly human, that is to say, qualities that exist today in people. Never do I feel as though I cannot understand these people who existed so many decades or centuries before because he so completely brings them to life by their mannerisms, expressions, desires and actions, all felt by people today in similar fashion.

I’m writing this review on my phone, and it’s already so long it’s hard to tell if I’m rambling now or finishing a train of thought.

To wrap up, I wanted to say that as a young-ish man of 35 who grew up with Nintendo and carries around a smart phone and wears a smart watch and is constantly connected, it was so refreshing to take the time during this pandemic to read this novel. If you take the time it’s so worth it!!!

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