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The Covert Operative…

Kelan Shiozski wasn’t looking for a girlfriend or a wife or any other sort of female in his life, but he found her hiding in his enemy's home...and he knew instantly she was his soul mate.

Patience has long been part of his warrior ethos—until it meant waiting for his woman to come of age. Now that time is here, and he’s about to spend three days alone with her, away from his team, away from their mission tracking a homegrown terrorist group operating out of the Rocky Mountains. He has three days to show her, with his heart and his body, what it means to be his other half.

But when she’s kidnapped before their celebratory weekend, Kelan must track her into the dark depths of a hidden crime world, which few ever experience or exit alive.

…And the Innocent

At just twenty-one, Fiona Addison has lived a sheltered life that began unraveling a year earlier when her mom and her friend died in two separate car accidents the same week. The layers are peeling away, revealing who she really is, culminating in a truth she cannot accept.

And now, everything she learns about herself imperils the future she hoped to have with Kelan, a man whose fierce warrior nature will not let her go despite the cost to himself.

They’ll either live together or die together...a fate they cannot let be decided by a madman.

April 27
Elaine Levine
Elaine Levine

Customer Reviews

Rtbbenson ,

O M G ! ! !

Elaine Levine has outdone herself with this book!! This is the 6th bookin the Red Team series.

In this story, Fiona Addison stays with the Red Team since her step dad died, working with the terrorists. Kelan, had taken her under his wing since book 1, and now they love each other so much. In this book, we find out who her biological dad is. We also find out more about the terrorist organization that is wreaking havoc in their little Wyoming town.

When all hell breaks loose, can Kelan save the love of his life? Is there anything he can do to win in an unwinable situation??

Read this book to find out! This is the best book so far!!

StarMase358 ,


War Bringer is the complex new installment in the Red Team series. Fiona Addison and Kelan Shiozski are soulmates by his Icelandic and Lacota beliefs,but before they could celebrate their union a mad man of unimaginable power is set to destroy them and use them as pawns for his deplorable game.
Mrs. Levine did a magnificent job revealing two of the most beloved characters in the series through an unstoppable action pack and heartwarming story. In addition, many pieces of the big picture started to click together shaping, and reshaping the truth in the story. It was fascinating to see many of the characters from previous books confronting their demons as well as the new possibilities for romance. It was a delightful romance as well as on the edge suspense.
I am looking forward to reading the next installment in the series.

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