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A rogue black ops agent and a former ballerina race to prevent a weapon of mass destruction lost in the West African jungle from falling into the wrong hands.

Rogue black ops agent Max Lansing is determined to bring international arms dealer Heinrich Dietrich to justice for the attack that critically injured his younger brother. When Max tracks Dietrich to West Africa he believes that revenge is finally within his grasp. Instead, Max ends up with a target on his back after Dietrich sends a vicious group of rebels to kill him.

When a group of American dancers gets caught in the crosshairs, Max grabs the sole survivor. He doesn’t want to play babysitter, but he’s determined that no more innocents will die.

Former prima ballerina Emily Iwasaki was promised this part of West Africa was safe. If she’d known the danger she would never have traveled thousands of miles with her dance troupe in order to raise awareness for war orphans. Adrift after the abrupt end to her career, she’d hoped the tour would restore her sense of purpose. Instead, she finds herself on the run with Max, the rebels hot on their heels.

Before Max gets Emily to safety, they learn that a plane carrying a weapon of mass destruction has crashed in the nearby jungle. They must locate the weapon before Dietrich does, or thousands will die.

With the fate of West Africa on their shoulders, Max and Emily find that they make a surprisingly skillful team. If they can outrun the rebels and survive the deadly hazards of the jungle, they might just save the day.

If you like edge-of-your-seat action, strong heroes and heroines who are pushed to their physical and moral limits, and an international setting, then you’ll love the first book in Vanessa Kier’s action-packed romantic thriller series, WAR. Get WAR: Disruption now to start the adventure!

About the author:

Vanessa Kier spends way too much time thinking up ways she can torture her characters. A worst-case scenario thinker, she's been creating stories in her head since childhood. Now she’s found her niche in writing romantic thrillers that combine intense emotion with action-packed plots. The author of six books in The Surgical Strike Unit series about a privately run special operations group, she has set her new series WAR in West Africa, where she lived for a time.

When she’s not writing, listening to music, or playing puzzle games on her mobile device, Vanessa writes the occasional Tech Talk column for her local RWA chapter's newsletter and takes long hikes in the nearby hills.

For more about Vanessa and to receive exclusive content by joining her newsletter, please visit her website www.vanessakier.com.

December 15
Vanessa Kier
Vanessa Kier

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