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"I was hooked right from the first chapter..." -- Ray Nicholson (Amazon top 1000 reviewer)

"... an engaging story that creates questions you'll be dying to know the answers to." -- Jared J.

"Witty, well paced and intelligent when it needs to be, I'm looking forward to reading more." -- Craig Whitby

"For a novella to inspire a need for more, in me, is quite a surprise. I am off to acquire the whole series!" -- James J. Hughes

"This short is outstanding, simply stated it was one of the best reads that I've been exposed to in a while." -- Christopher T.

Deacon Shader is a child out of time, removed as a baby from his Ancient world parents and raised on the Isle of Maranore.

On his seventh birthday, the philosopher Aristodeus arrives to commence the boy’s training with sword and mind. Nothing short of excellence will suffice, if Deacon is to fulfill his destiny and avert the Unweaving of all things.

But as Aristodeus pushes him to the limits, reavers are spotted approaching the coast, and a cloud of horror descends upon the village.

For these are no ordinary pirates. They sail under the Impaled Man, the grisly flag of Verusia, land of the undead and realm of the Lich Lord.

Ward of the Philosopher is a Shader Origins novella of 15,500 words introducing the character of Deacon Shader as a child.

The Shader Origins novellas (Ward of the Philosopher and The Seventh Horse) serve as an introduction to the bestselling Shader series:

1. Sword of the Archon
2. Best Laid Plans
3. The Unweaving

In this brief introduction to the world of Urddynoor, D.P. Prior slots squarely into the sword and sorcery and heroic fantasy traditions pioneered by Michael Moorcock, R.E. Howard, Lin Carter, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. With a strong sense of good against evil set against a post-apocalyptic background of deception and the remnants of long buried ancient civilizations, one cannot help but place this series in the company of Stephen King's The Dark Tower and Steven Erikson's Malazan books. Ultimately, though, the discerning reader will not miss the huge debt the author has to David Gemmell.

For anyone considering taking the plunge into the bestselling Shader books and braving their enormous scope, Ward of the Philosopher presents the perfect entry point to the series.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 17
D.P. Prior
Smashwords, Inc.

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