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*** 2016 Global Ebook Awards Gold Medal Winner for Paranormal Fiction ***

Max is a Warden, a sacred being burdened with the task of ensuring nature continues to thrive. Wardens are revered and to be afforded the respect of their stations at all times for they are passive beings, in constant danger from dark forces. Every warden has their own paladins, ancient knights born to protect, obey and serve. They are bound by honour, justice, courage, and above all, loyalty to their liege.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

The only problem is, Max has no idea what a warden is let alone a paladin. She’s been alone her whole life, causing natural disasters and bar fights everywhere she goes. Strange creatures stalk her every step, and she’s fairly certain she’s a chocolate junkie. Meeting a bunch of smokin’ hot knights seems too good to be true but she’s just desperate enough to believe them. After all, what harm could there be in a few days of rest and relaxation in a beautiful house by the beach, surrounded by a harem of muscle-bound warriors?

But there’s one thing she didn’t count on … Ryker.

The unofficial leader of the group of outcast paladins, Ryker is a perpetually premenstrual, growly, broody, insensitive jerk with no brain-to-mouth filter. He also happens to be the sexiest, hottest, most sensual man Max has ever had the pleasure of ogling. Six foot four of solid muscle, deep chocolate brown eyes, shaggy black hair and a rugged scar down one side of his face, he was Max’s every fantasy come to life. But the ancient knight is scarred with a tragic past and believes his soul is stained with dishonour. Coupled with Max’s own stubbornness and trust issues, she figures the chance of getting a happy ending is pretty slim.

But fate can be a fickle wench, as Max and Ryker soon discover in Warden, Elemental Paladins: Book One.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 30
MoshPit Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

WendyKingston ,


I didn't expect this little gem based on the description. Original, great characters, great humor. It's very unique, so it's hard to describe the story. I think most who read this will be just as enamored with it as I was.
My biggest complaint is that the books aren't numbered, nor do they appear as part of a series, so it will be more difficult to find the next books.

LoraShmora ,

Awe Inspiring

This is the first book in Montana Ash's Elemental Paladins Series. I was intrigued when I read the overview and I decided to give it a try. It quickly changed from curious to addicted as I read page after page, chapter after chapter until I finished it in a mere couple of hours. I was hooked and left wanting, no needing more. It wasn't just a book, it was a whole another world! Read the book and find out exactly what I mean when I say I became addicted.

Margiell7 ,

Amazing first book!

I am so in love with the characters Montana Ash has created. She has an amazing gift for storytelling. I was laughing out loud and crying during this book. Only two other authors have had me laughing out loud at work, Alanea Alder and Tymber Dalton.

I love Max, she is such a strong heroine but so vulnerable. I love that no matter the cost she will fight for what is true and right in this world (not to mention her peeps) but at the same time is so soft deep down. I cried so hard when she asked to stay and was turned down by each of the Paladins.

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