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The End Times have come. Archaon Everchosen marches on the city of Middenheim, and if he captures it, the key to the Chaos gods’ ultimate victory will be his. The last heroes of men, elves and dwarfs gather to stop him, but to stand against the hordes of the Ruinous Powers, they must turn to darker allies. Against all reason, the last hope for the world may be the Undying King, Nagash himself – if he and the mortal races can find common cause and work together. If they cannot, Archaon’s plan will come to fruition and the world will be consumed by Chaos.

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The oncoming apocalypse finally arrives to the Warhammer world. This is the ultimate showdown between the remaining heroes of light and the Ruinous Powers led by the dread Lord of Chaos. This final instalment delivers all the apocalyptic action and casualties of war you would want to see in the finale of the End Times.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 14
Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

savanus ,

Too much at once

I finished this book feeling that the storyline was rushed to conclusion. Too many threads trying to come together. It's my opinion that most of these should have been addressed in the other books and perhaps made this one more focused on the siege and end. Too many characters with different agendas. The final battle with archaon really just lame. His rise was way more exciting than his fall.

Tcdavey ,


Wow, first off I hate that they ended a world built on over 40 years of lore just to sell a different type of strategy game. Secondly to end it in the lamest way possible. These gods and heroes looked anything but legendary....from someone who has bought countless black library novels I feel let down and betrayed.

Jon Kinard ,


Disappointing, rushed and forced. Unworthy of the name warhammer and the world it destroyed. Congratulations GW, you made a enemy out of a devoted fan. I hope your child's game AOS is worth it.

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