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The End Times are coming. In the warrens of Skavenblight, a new power is rising. The verminlords walk the earth and they plan to lead the skaven to their destiny as rulers of the world. But for Queek Headtaker, the only destiny that matters is his own, as he plans his final assault on Karak Eight Peaks. In the depths of that ancient city, two rival kings - the goblin Skarsnik and the dwarf Belegar - prepare to meet the onslaught. And in Karaz-a-Karak, High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer presides over what he knows, in his heart, is the end of the dwarf empire. The Horned Rat rises and nothing will ever be the same...

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Even the ancient empire of the dwarfs cannot weather the storm of the End Times. This is the tale of the greatest and final battle for the ancestral dwarf hold of Karak Eight Peaks, long fought over by dwarf, goblin and skaven but never claimed by one race. With their power in the ascendance, and the aid of the daemonic Verminlords, can the skaven finally overrun the ancient city? Read for yourself and find out.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 16
Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

@ctonymolina ,

Great read

Queek Headtaker is an awesome villain to follow, and the might of the skaven are done justice. Read this for the awesome battles and great dialogue.

Jon Kinard ,

Don't buy it.

Shamefully rushed. Terrible read and another unworthy end. If you were a fan of Warhammer before what the imbeciles at GW did to it. Avoid this as well as all the other end times jokes called books.

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