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Wanted: One Barbarian Warrior.
The bigger the bounty, the more dangerous the target.
Khan, a Chamele Warlord, has a huge bounty on his head. His enemy wants him captured and is offering any being in the universe an outrageous number of credits to accomplish that.
Khan wants to be captured, but only if the being apprehending him is a tiny, brown-eyed female with wickedly sharp daggers and an even sharper tongue. His passion for the feisty human can’t be inhibited by restraints. He’ll allow her to subdue him…in a variety of enticing ways.
When she finally collects her credits, he’ll collect his revenge, killing his enemy and claiming his little bounty hunter forever.
Zeta doesn’t do forever. After a lifespan of chasing dangerous beings across galaxies, apprehending and trading them for credits, she doesn’t get involved emotionally…with anyone.
Khan might be fierce and sexy and the most dominant male she has ever encountered, but the barbarian is also her target, and once she sates herself with his body, she’ll betray him.
That’s her job.
* * *
Warlord’s Bounty is based on a much shorter story sharing the same title.
It is a STANDALONE Alien Barbarian SciFi Romance set in a dark, gritty, sometimes violent universe.
Warlord’s Bounty is the second of six core stories in the Chamele Barbarian Warlord series.
Book 1: Warlord Sky
Book 2: Warlord’s Bounty
Book 3: Warlord Unarmed
Book 4: Warlord Reunited
Book 5: Warlord’s Mercy
Book 6: Warlord’s Return

May 14
Cynthia Sax
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Customer Reviews

Jannie3381 ,

A Warlord and a Bounty hunter - a thrilling read!

The best laid plans can so easily go awry. But when a Chamele warlord meets his gerel, plans must bend to need. I always love a strong, determined woman - Zeta most certainly is that! Seeing Khan work his way into her heart, gaining her trust, is heartwarming. They’re so well matched: each determined to protect the other, whether needed or not.
In Khan’s words: “You are my gerel, my light, the keeper of my happiness, my hope, everything that is good in the universe.” Meeting the Warlords’ elusive target raises some interesting questions - as yet unanswered. But, I believe it has changed Khan’s awareness. Now I’m eager for another installment in the Chamele Warlords saga!

oo4chelle ,


It started out okay, then just got stupid. What a waste of time and a few dollars.

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