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Carine is volunteering at Warmth of Winter this holiday season, as she does every year. And, just like every year, Misha is there too, ready to boss her around. Carine does everything Misha says~ she obeys every command because she knows a secret that could devastate Carine's life if it ever got out.

When a handsome new guy, Flynn, volunteers at Warmth of Winter, Misha instantly demands that Carine stays away from him. Carine feels an instant attraction to Flynn, and staying away from him may be the one thing she just cannot do~ even if it means risking her secret being exposed.

Warmth of Winter is a romantic SHORT STORY. It includes the first eight chapters of Bryexe: She Lives in a Dollhouse as a free preview of Yari Garcia's first full-length novel.

Young Adult
November 13
Yari Garcia
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

2007Sing ,

Omg wow

Both books were amazing though I will say that I was disappointed that the first book wasn’t longer. But the second one was so good and I highly recommend.

Buckylover2005 ,

Warmth of winter

Carine had like magical powers sorta and this boy Flynn asked her out and Carine said that they couldn't because of her powers and so she told him that her hands can create fire and so he said that he didn't really care than Mrs. Gretchen found out that they were kissing and she told their parents but they weren't really actually in trouble and this girl Misha found out about Carine's hands and she showed Mrs. Gretchen a towel that was burned and Mrs. Gretchen said that it was Misha messing around with a lighter and so Misha couldn't help with volunteer work anymore.

godblessIsreal ,

I love it 🥰

I am totally in love with this book but y is it so short? I know the author put effort in this book but all of her books are so short?! Make them a little longer Yari Garcia. Other than that this book is like ❤️❤️

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