Warning! Deep Water

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It’s 1947. George is going through the motions, sowing seeds and tending plants and harvesting crops. The nursery went on without him perfectly well during the war and he spends a lot of time during the working day hiding from people and working on his own. In the evening he prowls round the place looking for odd jobs to do.

It’s been a long, cold winter and Peter doesn’t think he’ll ever get properly warm or clean again. Finding a place with heated greenhouses and plenty of nooks and crannies to kip in while he’s recovering from nasty flu was an enormous stroke of luck. He’s been here a few days now. The weather is beginning to warm up and he’s just realised there’s a huge reservoir of water in one of the greenhouses they use to water the plants. He’s become obsessed with getting in and having an all-over wash.

What will George do when he finds a scraggy ex-soldier bathing in his reservoir? What will Peter do? Is it time for them to both stop running from the past and settle down?

May 7
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George Parker and Peter Tollingham served time in the military during the WW II. They both returned home to the loss of their families. George returned to Roseland where he was able to continue, making a living, growing lettuces and tomatoes. He lives a quiet life, but it does get lonely.

Peter was discharged in 1946 and returned to his home in Coventry. Nothing was left, not even a grave site. He left, never looked back and never settled down. He still suffers the nightmares of war, he’s tired of people, society and lives a life of solitude.

George Parker has a good life in Roseland, along with his companion Polly. He’s now able to grow Christmas Chrysanthemums, along with lettuces and tomatoes, since the war has ended. Doing his evening rounds with Polly, she makes George aware of an unusual discovery.

Peter’s been sick and hiding out at Roseland. Feeling better, he’s gained his strength to clean up. Now, he’s been caught by the boss-man, George Parker.

A.L. Lester creates a heartfelt, wonderful, love story about George and Peter, who have suffered the traumas of war, loss of family and loneliness. The novella flows perfectly, with the time period and what life was like for both characters. Even though it’s a short story there’s enough shared about George and Peter that’s makes them easy to like. The gradual care and connection and feelings are written from the heart. The story especially brings out the beauty of music and the piano.

There’s a few secondary characters: Alice, Millie, and Mrs.Leland. They never questioned anything of George and Peter and played small supportive roles. And of course Polly! She was sweet and knew how to pick her people.

“Warning! Deep Water” is an excellent read!

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