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These U.S. Marines are always the first to fight when it comes to their country…or the women they love.

One night with a hero. One secret. One man who can save her life.

MARSOC Operator Benjamin Hart is used to having control in all things. As his Team’s Joint Terminal Attack Controller, he’s always responsible and contained. His careful composure snaps when he sees Olivia “Livvie” James, his best friend’s little sister. She’s a spitfire with heated looks and smart mouth to match. He comes alive when he’s around her and for once he throws caution to the wind and spends a night with her before he deploys to parts unknown.

Livvie has always wanted Ben and even though sensibility tells her to steer clear, her heart can’t resist. The night was supposed to be no-strings-attached, until it produces consequences neither of them had anticipated. When she reaches out to Ben without success, she decides to forget him — and how safe she felt in his arms.

When Ben returns after a career-ending injury, Livvie has no other choice but to come clean. Until a devastating attack bares her secret on national news before she has a chance. She has only one way to repair the damage.

She must trust the man she lied to. The only man who could save what they had created together.

March 9
Bolero Books, LLC
Bolero Books LLC

Customer Reviews

elizardbreathspeaks ,

thumbs up

love the series, fast & must read. check Nicole out!

shadowplay4u ,

an incredibly extraordinary story

Warrior is an incredibly extraordinary story of all-consuming redemption, fierce determination, and unapologetic love. This is one story that will take your heart on a ride of a lifetime, and not stop even when the ride has ended. What a priceless treasure to find such a brilliantly astounding story that has been fashioned by a heart so deeply ingrained with love and hope that you will never be able to walk away unchanged! I invite anyone who enjoys a beautifully crafted and emotionally challenging story to pick up this outstanding work of art. You will never regret it.
Olivia’s heart has always belonged to Ben no matter how much she has tried to convince herself or those around her of the opposite. Ever since she was thirteen, she has compared every male to him, and they have all fallen short. She knew that things wouldn’t work out for them, so she has never asked for more than friendship from him even though her heart longs to belong to him forever. Ben has loved Olivia ever since he first set eyes on her. Her heart and her spirit captured his attention like no one else, and he has never been able to shake her from his heart. He has longed to have so much more than friendship with her, but he knows he will never be good enough to claim such a strong and beautiful girl as Olivia. Life has a way of bringing about what we deem as impossible but not usually in the way that we desire. When Olivia is handed such a gift, she grabs hold with a bone deep determination, and finds more joy then she ever dreamed possible. Will their hearts be able to hold them together no matter how far and how strained the ties that bind them are stretched?
Ben and Olivia are two exquisitely broken souls who find a comforting refuge in each other, but what they long for the most – a deeply, binding human connection – always seems just beyond their grasp. I love that they have held onto a precious friendship no matter how hard it has been to maintain. They cherish what little they have because they know how much it is worth. Watching their paths collide and separate tore my heart to shreds at times and it healed and remade it during others. Through all of their trials and suffering, they only wanted the best for the other, and their pain was not in vain. Through everything, they found the deep connection that they had been missing their life and they found with everything in them to keep it close and alive. Ben and Olivia are absolutely amazing characters that I just couldn’t get enough of. I hated to see their story end because I loved just how good they are together. They complete the other and bring such peace and joy into their lives that they wouldn’t sacrifice that for anything. Their value is beyond measure, and they cherish that beyond anything else.
Nicole Blanchard is an absolutely breathtaking author who has captured my heart and entranced my mind. Her work is unlike anything else I have read. The deepest parts of her heart flow from each word straight into your heart. You feel everything and it changes something within you. You feel a shift from within, and you know it’s genuine. Her stories hold an unimaginable power that will never you leave the same again. I challenge you to experience one of her truly outstanding masterpieces! You will never be disappointed.

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