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The fifth book in Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series

Join the legion of fans who have made Erin Hunter’s Warriors series a bestselling phenomenon. More thrilling adventures, epic action, and fierce warrior cats await in Warriors #5: A Dangerous Path.

ShadowClan has chosen Tigerclaw as their new leader, and Fireheart fears that this old enemy still harbors dark plans for vengeance on his former Clan. A mysterious threat has invaded the forest, placing every cat’s life in peril. And ThunderClan’s beloved leader has turned her back on their warrior ancestors. Fireheart can’t help but wonder if she’s right—has StarClan abandoned them forever?

October 13
Grades 3-7

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The Last Element: Chapter Four

Hello everyone, my name is Amber and welcome to The Last Element!! Where I stretch my Fanfic Chapters into the reviews of Warrior Cat Book reviews! If you haven't already, check out the Prologue in Into The Wild, and the last three chapters in the last three books! Enjoy! ❤️(By the way, I changed the Prologue, so if you read that already, read the newer version! 😁)

Chapter Four
“Father!” Stemkit squealed, leaping out of the nursery and tackling him to the ground. Leafkit followed and ran around his paws. The golden tom laughed his deep laugh and licked the two she-kits briefly on the head. Leafkit and Stemkit squealed. “Alright, settle down.” He purred, sweeping his tail around the two excited kits. “A little mouse told me that you tried to sneak out of camp this morning.” He mewed gravely, narrowing his eyes. Leafkit and Stemkit hung their heads. “We did….” Leafkit trailed off. “That was a very dangerous thing to-” Sunfur began, but before he could finish, a growl sounded from behind them. “Honestly Sunfur, you should stop wasting your time on kits and actually help the clan.” Leafkit turned her head to look at a huge black-and-white tom with cold blue eyes. “Crowflight, these are my kits, if you had any I’m sure you could let down your pride and spend some time with them,” Sunfur shot back boldly. “Your kits?” He asked icily, stretching out the S. Sunfur’s eyes darkened, his voice turning gruff. “How did you know?” He demanded. Crowflight laughed crisply. “Let's just say I might have heard a word or two from you and Mallowstar’s little secret.” Something flickered in Sunfur’s eyes. Horror. But he did his best to not show it, “That is private business, business you shouldn’t worry about.” Sunfur snapped. “‘Private Business’ Hah!” Crowflight mocked. “You should be lucky I’m not spilling everything I know right now,” He looked down at Leafkit, pleasure fringing his eyes. Leafkit felt like his ice-blue gaze had just imprisoned her. Sunfur took his tail and shot it in between the two of them. “Leave her out of this.” He growled. Crowflight widened his eyes sarcastically. “But isn’t this subject all about her?” He asked amusedly. Sunfur looked ready to panic. “That’s enough out of you,” He snarled, thrusting his head closer to Crowflight. “Tell me what you know, tonight, by The Apple Grove.” He whispered darkly. Crowflight narrowed his eyes sassily. “Is that an order?” He mewed sarcastically. Sunfur swept Stemkit and Leafkit in front of him and started to pad away, but not before turning his head and mewing, “Yes.”

And that's it! This is one of the shortest chapters I have ever written so sorry! But I haven't had much time since I started 8th Grade! I try my best!!! Thank you for reading and just so you know, I give every warrior cat book in the world a complete 5 stars! (Not including that picture of the half-burned Yellowfang holding a wilted flower, gets me every time! 😭)

-Amber Thorn #ILoveYouYellowfang!

so done with the chest timers ,


How could you Erin hunter poor misunderstood swiftpaw he was my favorite character of the whole thing!😭RIP in star clan swift.can’t forget brightheart too swift paw and bright heart should have been mates and lived happily ever after! Here is the next chapters

CHAPTER 8.....
“What a gathering! Man I’m tired,you coming?” Panther paw asked. “Yeah hold on I’m going to...to visit my family.” “Mind if I come with you?” He replied, “s-sure!” Swift paw mews.They then walk to where her family was buried, she begins to sob, panther paw tries to comfort her as she continues to cry. She then hears a voice “don’t cry my love we are still here” her fathers voice,dirt claw mews. “Yeah, don’t forget us ok?” Her brother grey paw said. “I won’t “ she joked. “We will always love you” owl fur whispered. After they spoke they all faded away. “ thank you” she whispered into the wind. “ ok panther paw ready to go sleep?”” You bet!” He joked. They padded into the apprentice den and they both drift into sleep.

CHAPTER 9......
“Let all cats able to catch there prey join beneath the rock for a clan meeting!” Their leader,storm star announced. As they bounded up to the rock,they heard their leader say “ we are hear to announce new warriors, swift paw, panther paw step up” our leader ordered. “Panther paw,you are now panther foot we now welcome you as a full member of thunder clan” our leader declared. “ swift paw,you are now swift foot we welcome you as a full member of thunder clan” storm star said proudly. “Swift foot,panther foot” the clan cheers “swift foot I need to ask you something “ panther foot mews “ what is it?” Swift foot replied. “ I -I want you to be my mate” he says “.....I would love to be your mate” she purred,and nuzzled him. They padded into the warrior den and lay beside each other and let sleep claim them.

Well that’s it ! I will write the next chapters in the next book: the darkest hour. If you want to comment plz write in your review! You can use my name cheetah spots. Well cheetah spots out!

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Chapter IV

“Is this the moonpool?” Flamepelt asked Scorchedwhisker, the Windclan medicine cat. He didn’t answer, just said, “Put your nose to the water.”
Flamepelt obeyed. “Welcome to Starclan, young one” a voice said.
“With this life I give you strength don’t use it just for battle, but also for when you are troubled.”
Next was a cat as tiny as a kit. “I am Shortkit, your dead brother.”
“Use this life for forgiveness. Forgive your enemies even if they kill.”
Then came Grassfur, his mentor before he became a warrior.
“Use this life for Willpower. Always make the right choice even if your life depends on it.”
Then after six more lives he woke. Scorchedwhisker meowed, “Welcome back Flamepelt.”

Special review on the darkest hour: fanmade clan

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